18 SLUGS Cal.50 - Steel ball 10 mm
18 SLUGS Cal.50 - Steel ball 10 mm
18 SLUGS Cal.50 - Steel ball 10 mm

18 SLUGS Cal.50 - Steel ball 10 mm

Perfectly suited for the Umarex HDR 50 of the T4E range.

Set of 18 with 10mm steel balls

This exclusive range of ammunition with 10mm steel ball will be the ally of your HDR50 for unparalleled power. The steel ball does not come into contact with the barrel, you have the assurance of not wearing it out prematurely. The plastic part is grooved to limit friction and gain power.

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The base of the ammo is hollow for better air intake, powerful projection.

Studied to the 10th of a millimeter, the slugs clip into the barrel, and they hold in place without falling, and without having to force them to push them in.


Design and manufacture 100% made in France in quality 3D printing.


Gained in efficiency, the supports are fitted with a 10mm steel ball.

The total weight is 4.8g (+-0.2), the original rubber balls are 1.4g.

Insert them in the barrel as in the photo, studied so that they hold in place without forcing.

The red color may be slightly different from the photos, due to the different contrast of the screens, but also depending on the arrival of the raw materials.



- The sale is prohibited to persons under the age of 18.

- The use of these projectiles can be dangerous.

- Port and use prohibited on public roads.

- Never direct the shot towards a person or an animal.

- Wearing protective goggles is mandatory (risk of ricochets).

- Keep out of reach of children


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