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Airsoft is a fast-growing recreational activity, offering an immersive and stimulating experience for shooting game enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of outdoor games or looking for a realistic alternative to extreme sports, airsoft could be the answer. Discover the key aspects of this exciting activity.

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What is airsoft?


Airsoft is a competitive shooting game that simulates military or police scenarios. Participants use replica firearms propelling plastic pellets. Unlike paintball, airsoft emphasises the realism of the weapons and scenarios, offering a more authentic experience.


To fully immerse yourself in the world of airsoft, the right equipment is essential. Players often wear military or tactical gear to add to the realism. The central piece of equipment is the replica firearm, available in a variety of models and powers. Safety is paramount, which is why it's important to wear goggles, gloves and other safety equipment.


Scenarios and playgrounds for airsoft

Airsoft offers a wide range of scenarios, from military simulations to role-playing games inspired by films or TV series. Playing fields also vary, from vast wooded areas to complex urban environments. Some sites even offer special facilities for more elaborate scenarios.


Community and team spirit

Airsoft fosters a strong team spirit and a passionate community. Players work together to achieve common goals, strengthening social bonds and sportsmanship. Regular events bring the community together, providing opportunities to meet, compete and exchange tactics and equipment.


What are the regulations on airsoft?

It's vital to comply with local airsoft regulations. In general, replica firearms must meet certain power standards, and the equipment must be used in designated areas.

In France, the power of airsoft replicas is limited to 2 joules, and airsoft fields often ask you to restrict your replicas to well below this power to avoid any problems. 

Participants must also be aware of the safety rules and code of conduct on the field.


Technological developments in airsoft

Airsoft has benefited from numerous technological advances, enhancing the experience for players. More realistic replicas, more innovative protective equipment and sophisticated accessories all help to make the game even more captivating.


Advice for airsoft beginners

If you're thinking of taking up airsoft, there are a few tips to help you get started. Start with entry-level replicas and work your way up as your experience grows.

At Wicked Store, we offer ready-to-play packs with an airsoft replica, goggles and ammunition. It's the ideal way to get started in airsoft with a complete set of equipment. All that's left to do is complete your outfit for the scenario.

Get involved in the local community, take part in training sessions and always be aware of the safety rules.


In short, airsoft offers an immersive adventure, combining adrenaline, team spirit and realism. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic beginner, airsoft has something for everyone. Play by the rules, enjoy the varied scenarios and immerse yourself in this unique experience where play meets reality.