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Brass knuckles (Knit fist) for personal self-defense. Discover our wide selection of brass knuckles models in different shapes, materials and colors, to always keep in your bag.

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The brass knuckle, more commonly known as the knuckle, is a formidable weapon in self-defence. It provides a more effective impact than a bare fist. This weapon avoids damage to the hand. Would you like to have a brass knuckle for your protection?


Discover our selection of brass knuckles at low prices


For self-defence, Wicked Store has a number of weapons in stock, including brass knuckles, telescopic batons and blank guns. You will find a wide range of good quality, low cost brass knuckles for sale in our catalogue. We have selected several models of brass knuckles made by well-known brands such as Max Knives or Piranha. They are made with a steel, brass or aluminium piece that optimises the effect of the impact on the body.

There are different shapes and sizes of these protective weapons in this selection. Some are designed with skull and crossbones, pistols, eagles, handcuffs or spikes. All models are easy to put on and very effective for self-defence according to our customers' opinions.

Most of them have 4 finger holes, but you can also have 2 finger holes. To suit all tastes, we stock knuckles in different colours:

  • glossy black,
  • grey,
  • gold,
  • chrome,
  • titanium finish, etc.

Check out the products in stock in this category now to choose your brass knuckles. The payment process is secure and our delivery service is fast. We deliver anywhere in Europe with a delivery time of 24 to 48 hours, regardless of your address.


Is it legal to have a brass knuckle?


Knuckles are a category D weapon, along with knives, alarm weapons, recreational rifles and baseball bats. It is available for sale over the counter and may be owned, but only by people aged 18 or over. In other words, you can buy a brass or steel knuckle-duster from Wicked Store if you are of age, without showing proof.

However, the law allows you to have and use a brass knuckle only in your home and for protection. Carrying and transporting this defensive weapon is prohibited without legitimate reason. In the event of a security check, you may be fined if you do not have a valid reason for carrying a brass knuckle.

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How to use a brass knuckle?


To use a brass knuckle, you simply insert your fingers through the holes in the weapon and close the knuckle. For the 4-hole models in particular, you should put your little finger, ring finger, middle finger and index finger through. Once the fist is closed, you can hit your opponent without risking damage to your hand.

However, the use of this weapon, whether it is made of steel, brass or other metal, is only recommended in the case of a home attack. Severe blows with a spiked brass knuckle, for example, can fatally injure the recipient. It is therefore advisable to hit only non-lethal or paralyzing areas when equipped with this defensive weapon. You can, for example, punch the arms, legs, shoulders or stomach of the attacker.


What weapon should you use to defend yourself if attacked?


You can use any category D weapon to defend yourself in the event of an assault at home. Apart from the metal knuckles, it is therefore permitted to use a telescopic baton, a tear gas canister or a blank gun. These over-the-counter weapons are available in our Defence stock. Also available are alarm weapons such as the alarm pistol with accessories and ammunition or cartridges. You can buy these to deter attackers with its fire.

Other defence weapons you can buy for your protection are :

  • electric shocker,
  • the air rifle,
  • Max Knives stabbing knife,
  • baseball bat,
  • pepper spray...

Check out our Defence stock for prices and details on each weapon.