Projectile Weapons

Projectile weapons are highly valued for their effectiveness in self-defence. When it comes to selecting a weapon, pistols are the preferred choice, as they are both easy to handle and conceal. Gomm-Cogne® pistols are the leading defensive brand on the market. Renowned for their design quality, these projectile weapons have inspired many other brands (Umarex in particular) to design their own models.

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Our extensive collection of defensive pistols caters to your self-defence needs. We offer a variety of options, including Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols and models that draw inspiration from them, like those produced by Umarex, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and Walther.

Projectile defence pistols are available over the counter

One of the best-known brands of projectile weapons is Gomm-Cogne®. This brand focuses on producing weapons designed for self-defence purposes. With its exceptional expertise, the Gomm-Cogne® brand has established itself as the industry standard for selling defensive pistols.

This expertise has served as inspiration for many brands, so much so that in France, the name “Gomme Cogne” is now used to cover all defensive pistols that incorporate the characteristics of Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols.

Projectile weapons are designed for self-defence and are available over the counter, subject to the presentation of proof of identity. However, not all these weapons belong in the same category. While projectile defence weapons are classified as Category D, it is important to note that the Gomm-Cogne® pistol is categorised as Category C.

Category C refers to weapons with a projectile power of more than 20 joules, which is the case for the Gomm-Cogne® branded weapons. To obtain one, it is therefore necessary to submit a declaration to the prefecture. Umarex projectile pistols are in category D and can be bought and held freely without a declaration.

Projectile defence pistols available at Wicked Store

At Wicked Store, you'll find all the leading manufacturers of projectile defence guns on the market. Our range includes Gomm-Cogne® brand guns (made by SAPL), as well as Glock, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, Umarex and Walther.

The projectile weapons we offer are non-lethal and specifically designed for self-defence. These weapons use CO2 capsules to power a propulsion system that launches rubber balls. Only Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols use cartridges containing gunpowder, which is why they are classified in category C.

We offer a wide range of projectile pistol models. The most user-friendly for self-defence are the Umarex T4E, HDP, HDR 50 and HDR 68.