Alarm weapon ammunition, blank and gas ammunition

Looking for alarm weapon ammunition for self-defence? Wicked Store offers a wide range of cartridges to disable, deter or alert.

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Discover a varied stock of blank ammunition at Wicked Store


We offer a wide variety of alarm weapon ammunition to meet your security and defence needs. Our accessories catalogue includes a stock of blank ammunition in various calibres. The 9mm blank ammunition is the best selling due to its popularity and practicality. This is the blank ammunition that we most often recommend to individuals.

Apart from the calibre, at Wicked Store we offer a number of different ranges of blank cartridges. For example, we have a special collection of detonation ammunition. Our classic cartridges are mainly used for emergency warning. If you are looking for something more deterrent, we also offer gas ammunition. This category of bullets projects tear gas to deter any attacker. You can find items on our site that spray pepper spray to protect you in the event of an attack.


Why choose Wicked Store for your firearm bullets or ammunition?


Concerned about your safety and integrity, we provide you with excellent quality ammunition. Our cartridges of various brands are compatible with all blank weapons (you must however take into account the calibre of your weapon). We have ammunition from Umarex, Walther, Victory Sport, Kaiser or Concorde Defender. Our cartridges are usually packed in boxes (or packs) with a capacity of 10, 20, 30 or 50 rounds.

Whatever model of blank weapon you have, we have the right ammunition in stock for it. Whether it's an alarm pistol or a revolver, our ammunition provides complete protection. We also understand your defence needs and offer different categories of blank weapons, all of which are compatible with our ammunition.

Buying your blank cartridges from Wicked Store also means that you'll benefit from a fast 24-hour shipping service. We deliver to your door or to a relay point. With a responsive after-sales service, our shop offers free delivery on purchases over €250 in Europe. Whether it's pistols or blanks, our products are offered at competitive prices. The customer reviews on our website are proof of our professionalism. We also offer several methods of payment, all of which are fully secure.