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Zippo, a revolutionary lighter brand


The American brand Zippo has sold more than 400 million lighters worldwide to the delight of its users. The timeless shape of these accessories and Zippo's made in the USA know-how guarantee solidity and a powerful flame, even in the harshest weather conditions.

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Zippo lighter

How the Zippo lighter works


Even if your Zippo lighter is guaranteed for life, it still requires some maintenance. To do this, you need to know how it works.


How to recharge a Zippo lighter?


To refill your Zippo lighter, you must remove the insert. Then lift the felt pad and soak the cotton ball with Zippo lighter fluid. Finally, put the insert back in its place, making sure it is facing the right way. Be careful of any heat source when lighting your lighter, in case the gasoline has diffused.


When to replace the stone and the wick on a Zippo lighter?


The stone of the Zippo lighter wears out each time the lighter is lit. When it comes into contact with the wheel, it creates the spark that lights the wick of the lighter. You must change the flint of your Zippo lighter when it is not thick enough. To change it, you only need to unscrew and remove the brass screw, remove the old stone and replace it with a new one. Finally, close the insert.

As for the wick of a Zippo, it is rarely changed. It can last ten years without any problem. To replace the wick of your Zippo lighter, you must remove the body of your accessory as if you wanted to load it with gasoline. Then remove the screw at the back while holding it while unscrewing. Then remove the solid safety rectangle and all of the cotton. Put the new wick on from above.

In general, the Zippo wick should protrude 5 to 10 mm. Finally, reinsert the cotton by making zigzags with the wick before reassembling your lighter.


Zippo inserts to give a second life to the storm lighter


The Zippo brand has recently introduced various rechargeable gas and electric inserts. This allows you to replace the classic gas operation of your Zippo lighter. You can choose between the blue or yellow flame gas insert and the single or double flame model. The electric insert is easily recharged with a USB cable.

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