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In a world where insecurity is one of the most recurrent problems, finding a reliable means of defence is essential. The pistol is one of the most effective defence tools available. Owning a firearm is prohibited in France and opting for an alarm gun can be a very interesting alternative. It is essential that this defence weapon is of good quality if it is to be functional, and the alarm pistol models in stock at Wicked Store will absolutely fit the bill.


Find out about alarm guns and their use


The alarm pistol, also known as a blank gun, is a very interesting product to ensure your defence in case of an attack at home. It is very effective in deterring attackers, as the alarm gun is a replica of a real weapon. When using a blank weapon, the noise generated by each shot with the PAK alarm pistol or revolver is identical to that of real weapons. The only difference is that the alarm pistol is a product that does not cause injury and is essentially used for defence by frightening attackers.

The deterrent and non-lethal effects of the defensive pistol are made possible by the blank ammunition for alarm weapons. Several types of PAK or RK alarm pistol cartridges are available in stock in our online shop, depending on the calibre of the blank weapon. There are also alarm pistol cartridges that can contain tear gas or pepper spray. They can be useful to reinforce your defence system by neutralising the attackers when you fire such cartridges with the alarm gun.

The purchase of a PAK blank or RK revolver alarm pistol such as those in stock at Wicked Store is free in France. This means that no special authorisation is required to own an alarm pistol, as it is a category D weapon. However, the sale of blank weapons to minors is prohibited. Similarly, carrying a PAK or revolver alarm pistol in public is prohibited. The use of blank weapons is reserved solely for the defence of your home.

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Discover our varied catalogue of blank weapons


At Wicked Store we stock a wide range of PAK and revolver blanks and accessories. These are 8mm or 9mm blank guns, which are replicas of guns made by :

  • Beretta,
  • Blow,
  • Bruni,
  • Colt,
  • Glock,
  • Sig Sauer,
  • Smith & Wesson,
  • Walther…

You will also find in our catalogue blank guns available at attractive prices, which are replicas of these official licences.

Each defence pack sold includes a PAK alarm pistol or revolver, a set of ammunition for blank weapons and a case in which the accessories are delivered. These stocked blank packs may also contain a flare adapter, for those defensive situations requiring the use of a flare with the alarm pistol. You can choose your PAK pistol or revolver blank gun according to several criteria. For example, the colour of the alarm pistol: black, satin, black with gold details and wooden handle.

You can also choose your model of blank gun in stock according to the number of shots that can be fired with the alarm gun. For example, a good value PAK pistol with a magazine that can hold 17 rounds of blanks or a revolver that can fire 6 rounds. You can also choose between blank guns that fire in semi-automatic or automatic mode.

All of these defence products are of excellent quality and available from stock at Wicked Store at a very attractive price. So check out our catalogue now to buy your alarm gun.