The flashbang grenade is a pyrotechnic product used to simulate a battlefield.

It is intended for sports enthusiasts and paramilitary games (paintball, ASG), for training, scenario, etc.

The product is characterized by an easy and fast firing method, using an igniter initiated by pulling the pin,

without the use of fire.

Working time: about 3-6 seconds, safety zone at least 5 meters.

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How to use it :

Holding the product in the lower part of the body (where the sticker is stuck), with the fingers of the other hand,

grasp the ring of the ignition unit. With an energetic but not very violent movement, pull along the axis of the product until

the entire ignition body is removed. Immediately throw the product towards the target.



After firing, do not hold in hand longer than necessary to throw the grenade (max 1.5 sec).

Do not transfer to other hand. Do not throw directly at other game participants.

The fired grenade should not be picked up and thrown away.

In the event of an incident, do not approach the grenade until 3 minutes have elapsed.

Do not use it for people who are uninformed and do not have adequate protection (mask, protective clothing),

animals and in the presence of flammable substances and objects.

Do not modify or disassemble the product.

Store in its original packaging in a dry place at a temperature of +5 - + 25°C



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