Defence CS tear gas or pepper spray

Tear gas bombs, or defence bombs, are made up of natural or chemical substances and are available in several formats ranging from the smallest (like a lipstick) to the largest with a handle.

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The different defence bombs available from Wicked Store


At Wicked Store, you'll find tear gas canisters from the most prestigious brands: Cityguard, Piranha, TW1000, Sabre, Umarex... With our wide range, get a model to suit your needs and preferences, capable of repelling an attacker or intruder in any situation.

Defence bombs are available in a wide range of sizes, from compact models that can be taken anywhere to large-format versions that take up more space but are even more effective.

For an all-purpose defence tool, you could opt for the Sabre lipstick tear-gas can, for example. Containing a maximum-strength pepper spray, it's capable of incapacitating any assailant with a simple spray in the direction of their face. So you can get away and contact the police as quickly as possible.

Another light, discreet option is the Piranha brand defence keyring, capable of instantly spraying 3 grams of pepper spray with a concentration of 3 million SHU, making it one of the most powerful models on the market.

The TW1000 CS defensive spray can, on the other hand, sprays a product that is irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. The conical flow allows the substance to be sprayed over a larger area, considerably reducing the risk of missing the target. With capacities ranging from 30 to 75 ml, it guarantees effective protection for a long time.

Is it legal to use pepper spray?

Tear gas canisters with a capacity of 100ml or less are considered to be category D weapons: they are therefore available over the counter and can be legally purchased by anyone over the age of 18 (on presentation of proof of identity).

However, while purchase and possession are authorised, carrying and transporting a defensive spray is prohibited unless you can prove a legitimate reason.

Note that defensive sprays of more than 100 ml are classified in category B: their purchase, possession and carrying are therefore subject to authorisation from the prefecture.

Tear gas sprays, an effective defence weapon

Tear gas sprays, or defence bombs come in various sizes, ranging from 15 ml to 100 ml, making them a useful means of self-defence in case of an attack. Tear gas sprays are not lethal weapons. These are categorised as what are commonly known as “incapacitating” weapons. This means they have the ability to temporarily disable an attacker, giving the person enough time to escape or call the police.

The effectiveness of tear gas defensive sprays lies first and foremost in the chemical or natural substances they are composed of. Depending on the substances they contain, they are divided into two categories:

  • Pepper sprays: this defence spray category contains natural components based on pepper and chillies. These sprays are incredibly effective at incapacitating and irritating dangerous animals.
  • CS sprays: these defensive sprays contain caesium (CS), a chemical compound renowned for its low toxicity. Although not deadly, this tear gas is potent enough to induce breathing problems, watery eyes, and a burning sensation in the person targeted. CS bombs are ineffective against dangerous animals, but not against attackers, who will be blinded for about half an hour if their eyes come into contact with the gas.

When tear gas is released as gas or gel, it can result in temporary difficulties with breathing and vision, as well as an intense burning sensation in the affected area, especially the eyes and respiratory tract.

Tear gas sprays - defensive weapons that are subject to legal control

Tear gas sprays can function as a defensive weapon that is accessible to anyone. These defensive sprays can be obtained by anyone over 18, as long as they provide identification as proof. Meeting these conditions permits you to have a tear gas spray in your possession.

Nonetheless, you must only use it if it is absolutely necessary for your physical safety. Only the authorities in charge of maintaining law and order can assess the validity of using a tear gas spray.

You are free to use your tear gas spray in your private life. On the other hand, you may not carry it (in your car, for example) without a legitimate reason. In short, the use and possession of tear gas are only permitted within a legitimate and legal framework.

How do you use tear gas sprays?

Proper precautions must be taken when using tear gas sprays, particularly depending on the type of defence spray employed. Tear gas agents in spray form spread a diffuse cloud of gas, the effects of which can also affect you if you use them indoors or if you are upwind. Tos avoid the paralysing impact you aim to have in the event of an attack, make sure to extend your arm and turn your head as you spray towards the person.