PCP air rifles under 20 joules

PCP air rifles under 20 joules

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The PCP rifle is one of the most powerful pre-compressed air rifles available. Used for target shooting (airgun) or pest hunting, it is appreciated for its manoeuvrability, power and accuracy. With its integrated tank, the PCP rifle offers a long range. Models of less than 20 joules are classified in weapons category D and are therefore available over the counter to adults.

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What is the range for a 20 joule PCP rifle?


The effective range of pellet rifles is the distance at which they remain reasonably accurate. With a 20 joule PCP rifle, you can shoot at distances of around 30 to 50 metres.

The actual shooting range of a PCP rifle is sometimes much greater. This depends on :

  • the firing power of the PCP rifle,
  • the type of projectile used by the PCP rifle,
  • the weight of the pellets,
  • the quality of the PCP rifle.

Expressed in joules, the greater the power of a PCP rifle, the greater its range. If you opt for top-quality pellets, you'll have ammunition that goes further than steel pellets, for example. The range of a PCP rifle also depends on the weight of the shot. That's why lightweight pellets are preferred, especially for large-calibre shotguns.

The highest quality PCP rifles also offer a greater effective range. The pellets fired from a 20 joule rifle can reach more than 150 metres in certain shooting conditions (at 45° and downwind).


Choose your model from a range of PCP rifles


PCP rifles are powered by pre-compressed air. This involves pre-compressing the rifle's cylinder using a manual pump or automatic compressor to reach a certain pressure. A PCP rifle therefore benefits from a more modern and sophisticated system than a conventional air rifle.

As well as being much more powerful, PCP rifles fire with less noise and vibration. These shotguns also maintain more consistent performance over time.

Find the right rifle from our range of PCP rifles in stock. The GAMO ARROW PCP rifle is one of our affordable PCP rifles. This is a 4.5 mm calibre pellet rifle with 19.9 joules of power and a 10-shot capacity. In addition to the PCP rifle, you'll also get the matching GAMO scope, included with the product.

With its 12-shot magazine, the Crosman ICON PCP air rifle (cal 4.5 mm, 19.9 joules) is also available at an attractive price. This is a small-calibre PCP pellet rifle with a 53 cm barrel, supplied without scope.

Those looking for a larger rifle can opt for the PCP Walther Reign M2 (cal 5.5 mm, power 19.9 joules). This model's 10-shot magazine is positioned at cheek level and gives way to a 500mm rifled barrel. This 5.5mm PCP rifle is a real bullpup, available from stock at a slightly higher price. We offer other useful accessories such as a pump and compressor for reloading your PCP rifle, whatever the calibre.


Can you shoot a pellet rifle in your garden?


Shooting with PCP pellet rifles is legally permitted on private land. You can therefore use these weapons in your garden in a way that respects your neighbours. You must ensure that the sound emissions from your PCP air pistol are sufficiently low. The same applies to the impact of a PCP rifle.

You should also check that your insurance covers home shooting with your PCP rifle. Before each session, take the time to check the shooting environment and wear protective equipment such as goggles and ear muffs.

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