Ready-to-shoot pellet rifle pack

The leisure pellet rifle is ideal for discovering the joys of target shooting. Wicked Store offers a wide range of ready-to-shoot pellet rifle packs at low prices, containing everything you need to get started with pellet rifle shooting.

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Our different pellet rifle packs


Wicked Store offers a wide range of pellet rifle packs, bringing together the best brands on the market.

Take a look at the Crosman Optimus rifle pack, for example, which includes protective eyewear, a target holder, 4.5 mm flat pellets and a carry case.

Would you like to treat yourself to a real all-in-one package? Then the Hunter Force 750 Combo air rifle super pack is for you! You'll find a Hammerli 4.5 calibre rifle with scope, protective eyewear, black scabbard, flat pellets and pointed pellets. The icing on the cake is a metal target holder and 100 pellet rifle targets.

For an introduction to target shooting for younger shooters, take a look at our NXG APX junior pellet rifle pack, which includes scopes, targets, a scabbard, flat pellets and 1,500 4.5 mm steel pellets.


In which categories are pellet rifle packs classified?


Since 2013, firearms have been classified into 4 categories (A, B, C and D), which do not require the same level of authorisation to be used. So before you buy a pellet rifle pack, it's important to know which class it falls into, to avoid running afoul of the law. The difference lies mainly in the weapon's power, expressed in joules.

Pellet rifles of up to 20 joules (19.9 joules to be precise) are considered to be category D weapons. They can therefore be freely purchased by anyone over the age of 18. However, category D weapons may not be carried or transported unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so. Your rifle must therefore be used exclusively in your home: for example, for target shooting in the garden.

Pellet rifle packs weighing 20 joules or more are classified in category C. Their possession and use are therefore subject to specific authorisation, such as a sports shooting licence or a hunting permit.