Umarex brand products at Wicked Store


Wicked Store is an official distributor of Umarex brand products, one of the leading manufacturers of leisure and defence weapons, renowned for its quality and wide choice of models under official licences such as Walther, Glock or Smith & Wesson.

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All about the Umarex brand


The world's leading manufacturer of over-the-counter replica firearms, Umarex holds numerous licences for internationally renowned brands, including Browning, Colt, Beretta, Smith & Wesson and Heckler & Koch. The company is also a leading importer of airguns in Europe.

In addition to the brand's flagship products, Umarex regularly launches new, ever more innovative products and ranges to satisfy the most demanding shooting enthusiasts. For Wicked Store, offering Umarex products is a real guarantee of quality and efficiency.  


Umarex products from Wicked Store


As an official distributor of the Umarex brand, Wicked Store offers you different types of products, carefully selected for their quality.


Umarex pellet rifles


The Cowboy Legends CO2 rifle from Umarex is a true western rifle. With its all-metal woodgrain design, adjustable rear sight and lever cocking, it has an inimitable vintage charm, while offering 7.5 joules of power. Available in chrome, antique or gold.


Umarex projectile weapons


Wicked Store brings you the best defense rifles from Umarex, starting with the impressive HDX 68. With its 16 joules and frightening detonation sound, it's sure to scare off any intruder. You can also opt for the HDS 68, with its two side-by-side barrels releasing enormous muzzle energy, or the TM4 RIS: a genuine non-lethal automatic assault rifle.


Umarex Revolvers


You'll find the full range of Umarex alarm pistols, including the Röhm RG 89 blank revolver, fitted with a flare or 15 mm hard ball adapter. The HDR 50, with its easy-to-load rotating barrel, will also give you great power, but also a deterrent effect with its imposing look.


Many other Umarex accessories


Steel balls, paint balls, pellet rifle scabbards, defense bombs, cleaning tools, CO2 cartridges... Our wide range of Umarex products will meet all your needs!