Survivalism refers to the activities of certain individuals or groups of people who prepare for survival in the event of a breakdown in normality. The movement has become increasingly popular in recent years. As well as surviving in the wild or preparing for disasters, survivalism can be a way of defending yourself on a day-to-day basis, particularly at home. At Wicked Store, we've got all the gear you need for the survivalist in you, at the best prices.

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What is survivalism?


The concept of survivalism encourages continuous preparation for survival in the event of a disaster:

  • natural disasters,
  • epidemics and pandemics,
  • wars,
  • nuclear accidents,
  • food shortages,
  • economic disruption...

Survivalists prepare for survival in different ways. It modifies its dwelling, forms to technical survival and notions medical first aid, makes stock food, learns technical bushcraft. The most important is creating a kit or bag of survival watertight which includes several equipment.

Your stock of survival equipment could include a water bottle, a portable solar kit, a whistle, a tactical lamp, tactical knives, a stove, food and other emergency survival products.

In our shop, you'll find a complete range of quality survival equipment. Whether it's for survival in the wild (camping, hiking...) or personal defence of your home, you'll find all the equipment you need at great prices.


How can you protect your home?


Defending your home in certain critical situations is survivalism. Home defence cannot be improvised at the last minute, because you need survival and response equipment. This equipment inevitably includes a projectile weapon, a tactical knife and a tactical lamp. These three items of equipment, available at competitive prices in our shop, can ensure your survival in the event of an attack.

Projectile weapons can be vital to your survival and that of your family if you are attacked. Projectile pistols and revolvers are survival and defence weapons that are not designed to kill your attackers. Very popular with survivalists, they offer great safety in the event of an attack or intrusion when you need to take action against the attacker.

In an emergency, use this survival equipment to neutralise an attacker. Projectile weapons can injure the assailant and give you the upper hand. Since we're talking about survival, call in the professionals to choose quality tools for your kit.

Using our specialist shop to buy your survival equipment is the best option, because you'll benefit from quality products and genuine service. Our shop offers quality survival equipment and tools at the best prices. For all your survival gear, we're best placed to offer you products that are perfectly suited to your needs.


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How do you prepare for survivalism?


For survival and home defence, tactical knives are a must-have item of equipment. The survivalist's knife is a fixed or folding piece of equipment. It comes in several models and should definitely be added to your survival kit. More robust than the traditional knife, it can fit in your pocket or waterproof survival bag. A military knife is survival equipment that offers a degree of safety in the event of an attack. Unlike a shotgun, it is ideal for close combat.

You can have a tactical light at your disposal during an attack. The tactical flashlight, which can also be solar-powered, lights up quickly and provides ultra-powerful illumination to blind or dazzle the attacker. We offer different models at the best prices. Our survival equipment is accessible to everyone thanks to our competitive prices.

To be a survivalist, you need to be prepared. If you want to protect your home properly, you first need to assess your needs in terms of survival equipment in the event of an attack. There are a number of factors that can help you determine the type of equipment you need:

  • location of the house (country, town),
  • whether or not there is a fence,
  • available security devices, etc.

Once you've assessed your needs, buy survival equipment that's adapted to your situation. Defence and survival items or equipment include camouflage netting, tactical flashlights, military knives, etc.

Survivalism doesn't just apply to home protection. You should think about other essential equipment for your survival kit. For people who want to buy survival equipment for hiking or camping, our shop offers a wide range of accessories for your survival kit. From a compass to a waterproof sleeping bag, water and food storage accessories and first aid products, you're bound to find your survivalist gear at Wicked Store.