Targets for rifles and pellet guns

Discover our wide selection of targets for recreational shooting, from simple paper targets to targets connected via a mobile application, we offer here the best of recreational targets.

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Targets for rifle and pellet gun


At Wicked Store, you'll find a wide selection of pellet rifle targets. From the classic square cardboard target to the mobile app-connected target and animal-shaped targets, you're sure to find what you need in our store.


A large choice of targets for pellet rifles


Wicked Store offers a selection of pellet rifle targets in all shapes and sizes.


Targets for classic pellet rifles


Are you looking for a simple and effective product for recreational shooting? Our classic targets will do the trick! With a surface of 14 x 14 cm, made of paper or cardboard, they can be placed on one of our metal target holders, designed to be easily fixed to a wall. Ideal for airsoft training or for a shooting contest with friends.


Original pellet rifle targets


Looking for a unique pellet target? Wicked Store has everything you need, from our silhouette target for target practice to our metal target with 4 ducks. And don't miss our 3D melon target, which oozes red goo on impact.


Targets for moving pellet rifles


To train you to hit a moving target, we offer you a rotating target with automatic rotation on ball bearings, for an original and fun shooting session. Take up the challenge of our tilting target for airsoft and lead.


Connected pellet rifle targets


Discover the pellet rifle target 2.0: connected to an app (available on Google Play and App Store), it allows you to take on all sorts of challenges, check your statistics and track your progress. It also offers different game modes to have fun alone or with friends.


All the necessary equipment to use your pellet rifle target


To get the most out of your pellet rifle target, Wicked Store has all the gear you need for successful shooting sessions. Starting with our pellet rifle packs containing a rifle, ammunition, carrying case, scopes and much more! You will also find a wide range of pellets for all your needs on our website.