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Among Airsoft replicas, the airsoft handgun is a very interesting model that every Airsoft enthusiast should absolutely own for close combat.

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Airsoft is a highly enjoyable outdoor activity that simulates armed confrontation. However, it requires you to be equipped with weapons that are replicas of real models, to shoot your opponents with marbles. Among these replicas, the airsoft handgun is a highly interesting model that every airsoft enthusiast should absolutely own. Wicked Store tells you all you need to know about airsoft replica handguns.


Opt for an airsoft handgun replica

In those confrontations where airsoft bbs are flying everywhere, a replica handgun can come in very handy. This gun is particularly useful in close combat, which can take place inside buildings where the use of long replicas is not appropriate.

At the end of the game, it's highly likely that your long replica will run out of ammunition. In these circumstances too, being equipped with an airsoft pistol can help you win the game. With a hand-held replica, you won't run out of marbles at a crucial moment, and you'll always be able to fire. You can also use this pistol when you want to work on your accuracy, shooting at airsoft targets or cans in your garden.


airsoft handgun replica


A wide range of replica handguns from Wicked Store


When it comes to choosing your replica airsoft fist, Wicked Store has a wide range of products to suit your needs.


Gas-powered handguns for airsoft

The handguns offered here are gas-powered and can be divided into two sub-categories. There are replica handguns with mobile blowback breech (GBB) and those with fixed no blowback breech (NBB). A GBB airsoft pistol is ideal for anyone seeking deep immersion in their game. The moveable breech with which the replica handgun is equipped results in a recoil with every shot, similar to that of a normal pistol. A product such as the Glock 17 Gen 5 Black/Tan is one of the GBB airsoft handguns you should definitely consider.

GBB replica handguns for airsoft are not, however, the most powerful pistols, unlike NBB-type weapons. If shooting power is a more important criterion than blowback, it's the latter type of replica that you'll want to consider when choosing your gun. Thanks to its fixed slide, such an airsoft handgun replica doesn't cause blowback during use. It's also much more economical in terms of gas consumption than the GBB airsoft replica handgun, and more reasonably priced.


CO2 handguns for airsoft

An airsoft gun with CO2 ball propulsion is far more powerful than gas-powered replica handguns. They are also available with fixed or movable breech, and GBB CO2 airsoft guns of the latter type are particularly suitable for maximum immersion. These replica handguns with moving breech provide a stronger blowback with each shot. A Walther P99 DAO pistol is the perfect model for such sensations.

CO2 ball-propelled airsoft guns are also more economical than gas-powered replica handguns. This is because the range of CO2 capsules is greater than that of a gas magazine. CO2 airsoft handguns are less sensitive to winter than gas guns. A CO2 airsoft handgun replica is therefore more reliable in cold weather, more stable and more accurate.

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