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Self-defense brings together several types of products to defend against attacks: from pepper spray to brass knuckles, including batons and shokers. Everyone will be able to choose what to defend themselves according to their preferences.

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No-one is immune from being mugged or robbed. To protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from attack, you need to have the right equipment to hand. Wicked Store offers you a wide range of defensive weapons and self-defence equipment for home defence. From tear gas canisters to blank guns, batons and shockers, you'll find a range of accessories to suit your needs and budget.


An extensive stock of self-defence products and accessories


Our shop specialising in the sale of self-defence weapons offers you a wide choice of products. They are adapted to different needs and uses.


Tear gas canister

Tear gas canisters are the ideal self-defence equipment for defending yourself against an assailant. This product, which can come in gas or gel form, is available at an attractive price in our catalogue. The anti-aggression spray or tear-gas can is easy to carry everywhere and its use is authorised by law (find out about the laws in force in your country before you buy).


Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a self-defence aerosol that lets you neutralise an attacker, whether or not they're under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with a simple press of the button. It contains a pepper-based product (chilli pepper) that also acts to protect animals from attack. Lightweight and discreet, this equipment is also easy to use.


Telescopic baton

A self-defence weapon, the telescopic baton is available in our stock of products. This accessory is very practical for repelling or deterring an assailant, but as its use can cause serious injury, you can only use it at home in self-defence. Come and buy your telescopic baton at a good price in our shop.


Blank pistol

The revolver or blank pistol is a popular deterrent weapon in self-defence. It is very useful for deterring and disabling an attacker or burglar. We offer blank bullet pistols that are highly realistic replicas of traditional firearms. You'll find many models, designs and brands of alarm gun in our stock of products.


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Brass knuckles

The brass knuckles is a highly effective weapon for defending against aggression. The use of this product is especially recommended for people who practice combat sports or self-defence. At Wicked Store, we offer several models (with or without spikes) and colours of brass knuckles (gold, white, black) to our customers.

In addition to this equipment, our catalogue also includes other self-defence weapons such as :

  • shockers
  • key ring alarm
  • tasers
  • electric baton,
  • baseball bats.


We also offer the Guardian Angel III pistol for sale. This defensive weapon will enable you to stop attacks from a distance and immobilise your attacker, whether it's a man or a dog. Whatever your needs, come and buy our self-defence weapons in our shop at attractive prices.


Top quality self-defence weapons at attractive prices from Wicked Store


Looking for self-defence weapons to protect yourself from attack or burglary? At Wicked Store, we've got all the self-defence accessories you need. You can choose from a wide range of anti-aggression products in stock. The equipment we offer to our customers is of the highest quality and designed by the best self-defence accessory manufacturers on the market.

We also offer a fully secure payment process. You can pay by credit card, PayPal and even pay in instalments thanks to our partner Alma. Order your self-defence weapons at the best price from Wicked Store and receive your order with 24-hour delivery in mainland France.