Airsoft Mask, Helmet & Goggle

To play airsoft safely, you'll need goggles or a face mask. Wicked Store offers a range of accessories to guarantee the physical integrity of airsoft players.

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Based on simulated combat using replica marble weapons, airsoft is a role-playing game accessible to anyone over the age of 8. To play safely, you'll need goggles or a face mask. Wicked Store offers several accessories to guarantee the physical integrity of airsoft players.


What type of mask for airsoft?


If you want to enjoy airsoft in complete peace of mind, we recommend our goggles with a mesh bottom. Resistant to replica bead shots, this type of product ideally covers the nose, mouth and chin. In addition to its low weight, this protective equipment features thermo-foam earpieces that facilitate communication during paintball or airsoft tournaments. So you can enjoy good mobility in intense game situations.

At Wicked Store, you can choose from the following models of goggles with mesh bottoms:

  • Tippmann Tactical Mesh (black),
  • Empire E-mesh Thermal Smoke Black (black),
  • Shadow grillage skulls.

You can also opt for our full-face masks, available at the best prices in our online store. This type of product offers you a wide field of vision and optimum facial protection. In particular, choose the Dye i5 Thermal Onyx full-face mask in black, which incorporates a ventilation system. You can fit a camera on the side to record your airsoft or paintball tournaments.

In addition to the full-face mask, you can also wear a balaclava or cap to cushion impacts on the skull and neck. Please visit our website for stock availability and prices of our airsoft protection accessories.


How to avoid fogging up an airsoft mask?


Generated by heat and humidity from breathing, fogging disrupts visibility during airsoft or paintball games. To eliminate it from your goggles or full-face mask, we recommend using an anti-fog spray. Specially designed to protect your lenses, this product deposits an invisible coating that prevents fogging.

At Wicked Store, we stock Bolle and Swiss Arms anti-fog sprays at great prices. Supplied with microfiber wipes for cleaning your lenses, these products guarantee effectiveness for up to 48 hours. To use them, simply spray a thin layer on your glasses or mask before each airsoft or paintball game.

You can also avoid fogging by using a mask with an integrated ventilation system. Choose our Dye i5 full-face mask, which features a high-performance ventilation system. Thanks to this model, you'll avoid sweating while protecting your lenses or screen from fogging.


What's the best mask for airsoft?


The best accessory for airsoft is undoubtedly the Dye i5 mask. Available in stock from Wicked Store, this item offers a 290° field of vision and maximum facial protection against replica weapon pellets.

The Dye i5 mask is equipped with a screen ejection device and a patented ventilation system. The latter prevents the lenses from fogging up, optimizing comfort for airsoft and paintball players.

  • Our Dye brand masks are available in several models, including :
  • Dye i5 Emerald black lime (black and green),
  • Storm Black Blue 2.0 (black and blue),
  • Onyx Black Gold (black and gold),
  • Thermal Onyx Grey 2.0 (black and grey),
  • Thermal Dye Cam 2.0 (camouflage).

Please consult our online stock for more information on prices and purchasing conditions for our protective masks, goggles and all our airsoft accessories.