What is an alarm pistol?


A blank gun is also called a blank bullet gun, this type of gun scares off attackers by emitting a sound almost as loud as a gunshot, without expelling a projectile.

Alarm guns, or blank guns, are used to protect the personal home from thieves.

When you fire a blank firing pistol or revolver, a casing is ejected from the weapon like a real bullet, making the illusion of a real bullet believable, with no risk of injury or death.


The different types of ammunition:


Standard" blank ammunition

Standard blank ammunition is a powder-filled bullet used to detonate the weapon without firing a projectile. This means you can fire your weapon with the same noise as a firearm, but without the risk of injuring anyone.


Pepper or CS gas ammunition

In addition to "classic" blank bullets, you can fire pepper gas or CS gas bullets.

In the case of a classic blank bullet, harmless gas is expelled by the barrel, while in the case of a blank bullet with pepper gas or CS, the latter makes it possible to reach the aggressor and neutralize it (provided you are not too far from the person). The thief or the aggressor is then disoriented and this allows you to flee and warn the police.


Distress flares with an adapter to screw onto the end of the barrel

With most blank guns (see gun data sheet) you can also use an adapter to screw onto the barrel that allows you to fire 15mm distress projectiles.

Attention, you will also find on sale adapters for blank weapons which allow to project rubber balls, however it is important to have in mind that it transforms your blank weapon (alarm weapon) which is on free sale to the major persons, in weapon of category C subjected to declaration in prefecture. 

A blank weapon, or alarm weapon, in the strict sense of the law, is a weapon that cannot fire any projectile apart from distress flares. 


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