Airsoft Grenades and Smoke

Stun grenades, smoke grenades... airsoft grenades can be used in a wide variety of ways. But they're still an exceptional tactical tool in any game.

So if you're itching to shout "Grenaaade!" and eliminate a group of enemies in one go, you've come to the right place. Wicked Store offers a wide range of reliable grenades for amateur and competitive airsoft games.

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The different types of airsoft grenade


The term "grenade" in airsoft refers to several tools with completely different uses and functions.


Airsoft grenades launcher


First of all, there are airsoft grenades for use with airsoft grenade launchers. These airsoft grenades are shaped like warheads into which up to 96 pellets can be inserted. The grenade is inserted into the grenade launcher and when the trigger is pulled, the grenade is propelled by gas. When it hits its target, it ejects all the pellets around it. It can then be reloaded.

At Wicked Store we offer the Ogive 65RD 45mm grenade, which can be fitted to a grenade launcher such as the ASG B&T, for example.


Self-propelled grenades


There are also self-propelled grenades such as the ASG Gaz Storm Apocalypse and the E-Raz rotating grenade. With the ASG Gaz Storm, for example, you press a button and then launch the airsoft grenade. When it comes into contact with the ground, it is triggered and sprays pellets 360°. The E-Raz, on the other hand, pulls the pin and goes off after a few seconds. For this type of grenade, you can buy biodegradable airsoft BBs in our shop.


Airsoft stun grenades and smoke grenades


Finally, smoke and stun airsoft grenades are used to distract the enemy in order to gain a tactical advantage. Wicked Store offers Enola Gaye Thunderflash and Flashbang GH-2 stun grenades. The former works by friction and the latter by pinning.

Visit our website to buy stun grenades.


When should airsoft grenades be used?


Sometimes a conventional airsoft replica isn't enough against a large number of enemies. In this case, airsoft grenades are the best way to clean up in a single shot.

However, we don't recommend using this type of grenade in an area with lots of obstacles, such as a forest. You risk wasting a lot of marbles. We therefore recommend using these airsoft grenades in a fairly open combat zone.

Finally, flashbang grenades can be used to distract the enemy and gain a tactical advantage.