CO2 pistols with steel balls or pellets

Pistols for recreational shooting operating with CO2 capsules and firing pellets and/or 4.5mm BBs steel balls.

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Pellet and BB guns


Whether it's for recreational target shooting or shooting cans in your backyard, Wicked Store has a selection of quality pellet guns at the best prices.

And to make sure you don't make a mistake when choosing accessories, check out our ready-to-fire packs, which include everything you need to get started in recreational shooting. 


What power to choose for a pellet gun?


Generally, the energy of a CO2 pellet gun does not exceed 4 joules, although there are more powerful models. It is therefore an ideal object to learn recreational shooting on target, on bottle or on can. Compact, light and easy to handle, it allows you to take the weapon in hand and to acquire the right postures and reflexes. For long distance precision shooting or sport shooting, a higher power may be necessary. However, a 2 to 4 joule air pistol is more than sufficient for most recreational purposes.


The pellet guns offered by Wicked Store


Wicked Store offers a wide selection of ready-to-fire pellet guns at low prices: on our site, you'll find everything you need to get started in target shooting with ease.

Looking for a more realistic replica with low power? We have just the thing for you with our strikingly realistic Glock G17: with a power of 1.7 joules, this handgun shoots 4.5 mm steel balls. Swiss Arms enthusiasts will also appreciate the P92, with its 21-shot magazine and its beautiful breech action.

We also offer a selection of 3 joule pellet guns, such as the Beretta Elite II fixed breech, the Colt 1911 Auto-Ordonance 4.5mm or the Umarex Steel Storm with its 300 ball tank.

Looking for even more power? We have just what you need: the Snowpeak CP1M air pistol will meet your expectations with its 6 joules, its 9-shot magazine and its very original appearance.


Pellet guns: what does the law say?


In France, pellet guns with a power of less than 20 joules are considered as category D weapons. They are therefore sold over the counter and can be purchased by any adult with proof of identity. From 20 joules, a hunting permit, a shooting license or any other authorization are required to own such a weapon.

Wicked Store ships all over Europe but it is your responsibility to check the laws in your country regarding the products you purchase.