Projectile Weapons

Projectile weapons are highly valued for their effectiveness in self-defence. When it comes to selecting a weapon, pistols are the preferred choice, as they are both easy to handle and conceal. Gomm-Cogne® pistols are the leading defensive brand on the market. Renowned for their design quality, these projectile weapons have inspired many other brands (Umarex in particular) to design their own models.

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PISTOL TP50 T4E - Cal .50 - 11 Joules

New compact Umarex TP50 .50 calibre tactical pistol with polymer body

Integrated quick-drill system with optical and tactile pressure indicator

Automatic trigger safety

Internal magazine for 4 pellets

Robust, safe and easy to use

Suitable for .50 caliber round pellets (rubber, pepper, icebreaker or chalk)

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HOME DEFENSE PISTOL HDP50 - Cal .50 - 11 Joules HOME DEFENSE PISTOL HDP50 - Cal .50 - 11 Joules -€10.00
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Umarex T4E HDP50 11 joules defense pistol


A sure value among defensive pistols, the HDP 50 T4E Umarex is a very good model to equip yourself without spending too much. 

Quick-piercing capsule system to be always ready to shoot

Works with CO2 capsules

Use hard rubber and/or pepper balls (sold separately)


Please note that this product cannot be sold in Germany.

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HOME DEFENSE REVOLVER HDR50 - Cal .50 - 11 Joules HOME DEFENSE REVOLVER HDR50 - Cal .50 - 11 Joules -€10.00
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Umarex T4E HDR50 defense revolver 11 joules

The easy-to-load rotating barrel holds six .50 caliber projectiles that can fire up to 11 joules. Power is provided by a CO2 cartridge located in the handle.

So the Home Defense Revolver 50 T4E Umarex is ready to use at any time and has full cartridges when you need them.


Please note that this product cannot be sold in Germany.

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TR68 T4E REVOLVER (HDR68) - Cal .68 - 16 Joules TR68 T4E REVOLVER (HDR68) - Cal .68 - 16 Joules -€10.00
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TR68 T4E REVOLVER (HDR68) - Cal .68 -...

New Umarex T4E TR68 (HDR 68) defense revolver 16 joules version


Proven concept based on HDR50 T4E Umarex

Polymer frame

Fast capsule piercing system

Automatic trigger safety

Picatinny rails for sighting accessories

5-shot cylinder

Suitable for all hard rubber or pepper ball type ammunition (do not use paintballs).


Please note that this product cannot be sold in Germany.

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First GLOCK T4E .43 caliber marker

Ideal for Magfed-Paintball and civilian training

CNC milled breechblock made of high strength aluminum (AW 7075)

Breech stop on both sides, reversible magazine lock

Trigger safety

8-shot magazine with tool-free drilling of the 12g CO2 capsule

Blowback (movable breech)

Compatible with original Glock sights, Glock holsters and many accessories

Supplied in a black Umarex case with foam interior

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PISTOL SFP9 HK Black - Cal.43 - 5 Joules

With the Striker Fired Pistol 9, also known internationally as VP9, Heckler & Koch offers law enforcement agencies worldwide a modern weapon with uncompromising looks and solid technology.

The SFP9 T4E is the corresponding high-end training weapon for learning movements, consolidating the handling of the weapon and enabling safe exercises in force-on-force scenarios. 

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PISTOL LTL BRAVO Metal Slide - Cal .50 - 18 Joules PISTOL LTL BRAVO Metal Slide - Cal .50 - 18 Joules
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PISTOL LTL BRAVO Metal Slide - Cal...

100% Italian made rubber ballistic defensive pistol.

The Bravo model is the only pistol with a metal breech in the rubber bullet defence segment.

It is also now equipped with fibre optic sights.

Like the Afla 1.5 LTL, it remains the most powerful weapon in its class.

By using LTL branded pellets, you will obtain perfect shooting accuracy.

It is delivered with 50 rubber-balls.

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PISTOL LTL ALFA 1.50 - Cal .50 - 18 Joules PISTOL LTL ALFA 1.50 - Cal .50 - 18 Joules
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PISTOL LTL ALFA 1.50 - Cal .50 - 18...

LTL (Less Than Lethal) has been on the defensive weapon market since 1958. The most powerful weapon in its category. Rubber ball defense gun Delivered here in a pack with 50 ZULU balls of the LTL brand, you will obtain a perfect shooting accuracy. 100% Italian manufacture. 

IMPORTANT: LTL recommends applying a little silicone spray in the magazine before the first use.


Please note that this product cannot be sold in Germany.

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REVOLVER TR50 LASER - Cal .50 - 11 Joules REVOLVER TR50 LASER - Cal .50 - 11 Joules
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REVOLVER TR50 LASER - Cal .50 - 11...

A new model based on the Umarex T4E HDR50 but with an integrated laser under the barrel, the TR50 has all the features of the HDR50 11 joules. 

Tactical Revolver (TR)

Quick-piercing system for the CO2 capsule

Integrated laser sight: adjustable for drift and elevation

Polymer frame

Picatinny rail

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Our extensive collection of defensive pistols caters to your self-defence needs. We offer a variety of options, including Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols and models that draw inspiration from them, like those produced by Umarex, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and Walther.

Projectile defence pistols are available over the counter

One of the best-known brands of projectile weapons is Gomm-Cogne®. This brand focuses on producing weapons designed for self-defence purposes. With its exceptional expertise, the Gomm-Cogne® brand has established itself as the industry standard for selling defensive pistols.

This expertise has served as inspiration for many brands, so much so that in France, the name “Gomme Cogne” is now used to cover all defensive pistols that incorporate the characteristics of Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols.

Projectile weapons are designed for self-defence and are available over the counter, subject to the presentation of proof of identity. However, not all these weapons belong in the same category. While projectile defence weapons are classified as Category D, it is important to note that the Gomm-Cogne® pistol is categorised as Category C.

Category C refers to weapons with a projectile power of more than 20 joules, which is the case for the Gomm-Cogne® branded weapons. To obtain one, it is therefore necessary to submit a declaration to the prefecture. Umarex projectile pistols are in category D and can be bought and held freely without a declaration.

Projectile defence pistols available at Wicked Store

At Wicked Store, you'll find all the leading manufacturers of projectile defence guns on the market. Our range includes Gomm-Cogne® brand guns (made by SAPL), as well as Glock, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, Umarex and Walther.

The projectile weapons we offer are non-lethal and specifically designed for self-defence. These weapons use CO2 capsules to power a propulsion system that launches rubber balls. Only Gomm-Cogne® brand pistols use cartridges containing gunpowder, which is why they are classified in category C.

We offer a wide range of projectile pistol models. The most user-friendly for self-defence are the Umarex T4E, HDP, HDR 50 and HDR 68.