How to choose a battery for your Airsoft replica?

NiMh Airsoft battery


Wondering how to choose the right battery for your Airsoft replica? Some replicas come with a battery and sometimes a battery charger, but this isn't always the case. 

We'll explain how to choose from the multitude of references, sizes and powers available.


First, look at the connector on your replica.


Two are available:

The Tamiya connector

This is the most common connector, found on most Airsoft batteries.

T-Plug connector

Airsoft battery connectors

If you've bought a battery with the wrong connector, don't force the issue. Instead, buy a connector adapter to convert a T-Plug into a Tamiya, for example.


Second point: battery voltage

Batteries are available in different voltages, ranging from around 7 to 12V.

Simply put, the higher the voltage, the faster the AEG's response. But beware: too high a voltage can damage the replica.

The ideal voltage for an Airsoft replica is between 7.5 and 9.6V, so give preference to 8.4 to 9.6V batteries.


Third point: autonomy (the Mah)

Next to the voltage in Volts, you'll always see a number with Mah written behind it, which stands for Milli Ampere Hour (Mah).

The MaH value of the battery is the length of time it will power the replica. 

If the replica uses 500 Mah per hour, a 1500MaH battery will last 3 hours (sustained fire).

There's no easy way to say how much Mah an AEG Airsoft replica uses per hour, but you'll need 2 or 3 batteries for a full day of sustained play.

So it's best to have at least one extra battery.


And last but not least, the type of battery

Batteries are composed of a number of chemicals, and there are two main names for these compositions: 

- NiMh batteries are the safest, most reliable batteries.

- LiPo batteries are popular because they have the best power/size ratio (small and powerful); but they are more unstable (risk of short-circuit) and require a special charger.

We therefore recommend a NiMh battery.


Now you know everything you need to know when choosing your Airsoft replica battery.

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