Airsoft Assault Rifles

Airsoft is a sporting discipline that involves reproducing armed confrontations using firearms that are replicas of real models. There are two types of replica: handguns and long guns. Long airsoft replicas are rifle-like weapons with a higher firing capacity. They're indispensable for combat during a game, and having a quality rifle can be a real asset. If you're looking for such a long replica for airsoft, Wicked Store offers you a selection of the best models from well-known brands (Kalashnikov, Colt, Famas...) at an attractive price.

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Find the right assault Airsoft replica for your needs


There are several models of assault Airsoft replicas available in our stock. If you're a fan of battery-operated long replicas, AEG guns are the perfect equipment for you. These replica rifles are powered by an electric motor, and can be fired in automatic or semi-automatic mode. Knowing how to choose a battery for your airsoft replica is essential for anyone opting for an AEG rifle. You'll find various models in stock in our store, including Colt M4 replicas and ARP9s.

If you prefer gas-powered rifles, you'll also find what you're looking for at Paintball Connexion. These replicas are powered by a gas present in the reservoir of Airsoft replicas. When this is expanded, the pellets are propelled out of the replicas. We offer a wide range of long gas-powered replicas at attractive prices.

You can also opt for spring-type Airsoft guns. All replicas in this category are equipped with a spring and a piston that compress the air inside the replica. As soon as the trigger is pulled, the beads are ejected.

Apart from the propulsion system fitted to an Airsoft replica, a long replica in stock with us can be classified according to 2 weapon categories. First, we have assault replicas. These are weapons similar to assault rifles, machine guns or carbines. These long replicas are best suited to an operation leader, any member of an assault group or a support person.

A long replica sniper rifle, on the other hand, is more suited to snipers who need to make precision shots with their rifle. The choice of your Airsoft long replica should then be based on your preferences regarding the ammunition propulsion system and your position on the board. Visit Paintball Connexion to find the model that's right for you.


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Our selection of long Airsoft replicas


When it comes to purchasing your long assault Airsoft replicas, we stock the equipment you need. Whether it's an AEG, gas or spring-loaded rifle, you'll find the right replica for your role on the airsoft field. We offer a wide range of replicas with official licenses. These include replicas of weapons from manufacturers such as Kalashnikov, Famas, Colt, FN Herstal, Swiss Arms... Our varied stock of long airsoft replicas also includes rifles in :

  • metal only,
  • combination of metal and nylon or wood,
  • plastic...


Your choice of replica will depend on the weight of the gun. You can also consider the firing power of long replicas for Airsoft when choosing your weapon from our stock. The firing power of the long airsoft replicas we offer ranges from 1 joule to 1.9 joules for sniper rifles. For assault weapons, replica firepower ranges from 0.5 joules to 1.6 joules. Browse our catalog now to discover the long Airsoft replica you need. Whether you're looking for an AEG, GAZ or SPRING long replica, order it now at the best price in our store and receive it as soon as possible.


Our airsoft grenade launchers


For airsoft players, what could be better than an airsoft grenade launcher? These little gems can project up to 96 airsoft pellets. Enough to hit numerous enemies with a single shot, and clean house!

Contact Wicked Store directly to find out more about our airsoft grenade launchers.


The different airsoft grenade launchers we offer


In airsoft, there are dedicated grenade launchers, like the ASG B&T GL-06 black 40 mm CO2 that we offer in our store. Manufactured by Brügger & Thomet, this airsoft grenade launcher was specially developed at the request of various European police forces for non-lethal law enforcement. Its 4 side rails allow you to install airsoft grenade-launcher-type accessories to spray your enemies with maximum effectiveness.

However, if you don't opt for the ASG B&T, you can always turn to a classic airsoft replica and add an airsoft grenade launcher accessory. The Kalashnikov AK 47 replica, for example, features picatinny rails so you can fit as many accessories as you like, including a grenade launcher.

When it comes to choosing an airsoft grenade launcher, this is really the only criterion you need to consider: do I want a dedicated grenade launcher, or do I want to adapt my replica? The second option is more versatile.


When should an airsoft grenade launcher be used?


Using an airsoft grenade launcher in an area with a lot of obstacles, such as a forest, is of little use, as you risk wasting a lot of marbles. On the other hand, in a more open simulation area, the airsoft grenade launcher is a formidable weapon.

You can hit a large number of enemies from a great distance. This specific application makes the grenade launcher an unusual weapon.


What ammunition is used in this type of replica?


As their name suggests, airsoft grenade launchers are equipped with airsoft grenades. These resemble large bullets into which up to 96 airsoft pellets can be simultaneously inserted. The grenade launcher expels the bead-filled grenade using gas propulsion, and when the grenade hits its target it explodes, ejecting all the beads around it. Once the grenade has been emptied, it can be refilled.

Airsoft grenades can accommodate 6 mm airsoft BBs. This is the case, for example, with our 65RD 40 mm warhead grenades. As for the pellets themselves, we offer a wide range of brands, in both biodegradable and non-biodegradable versions.