The differences between the types of Defense Bombs


Tear gas bombs, or defense bombs, are made up of natural or chemical substances and are available in several formats ranging from the smallest (like a lipstick) to the largest with a handle.


How to choose between spray or gel?


- The Spray (or gas) is very volatile and therefore allows several attackers to be hit at the same time. It is recommended to use it only outdoors.

- The Gel is an incapacitating liquid that acts in contact with the skin or mucous membranes. It does not disperse and can therefore be used indoors or outdoors.


The differences between the natural (Pepper) and chemical (CS) components:


Pepper spays

They contain natural extracts from peppers and chillies, they have a very irritating and incapacitating effect. Pepperbombs are very effective against dangerous animals.


CS sprays

They contain a very powerful chemical agent which causes suffocation, tearing and burning to the aggressor. This chemical agent causes the eyes to close and will therefore immediately paralyze the attacker for about half an hour. CS bombs are ineffective against animals.


The defense bombs are category D weapons, they are on free sale provided you are of legal age. Please note, you must have a legitimate reason to use them, the Police are the only ones who can assess whether the reason is legitimate or not.