Projectile Weapons for defence

Projectile weapons for defence, pistols and revolvers or even defence rifles of different calibers and powers.

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Discover our range of projectile weapons for defence, with a wide choice of pistols, revolvers and defensive rifles in different calibres and powers.


What is a defensive projectile weapon?


A defensive projectile weapon is a non-lethal weapon designed in particular to neutralise a potential attacker breaking into your home. Designed for easy use by both men and women, these weapons guarantee your safety at any time of the day or night, enabling you to react in the event of an attack.

In fact, a defensive projectile weapon is an effective means of scaring off or disabling a burglar or attacker. Generally propelled by CO² gas, defensive projectile weapons can also be used for target practice.


Our range of projectile weapons and accessories


Wicked Store offers you a wide range of defensive projectile weapons and accessories. All our products are rigorously selected for their effectiveness and are offered at competitive prices. Our aim: to enable everyone to guarantee their own safety and that of their household.


Defence pistols

On our site you'll find the HDP50 11 joule pistol, a safe bet among defensive pistols, the M&P9C T4E calibre .43 from Smith & Wesson and the 100% Italian-made LTL Alfa 1.50.


Defensive revolvers

Our range of revolvers includes the .50-calibre HDR50 with its easy-to-load rotating barrel, as well as the T4E HDR68, a proven projectile weapon with automatic trigger safety.


Defence rifles

Wicked Store offers a wide range of defensive rifles, including the HDX68 T4E and the HDS68 16 joule. You'll also find a selection of SG68 shotguns available in 14, 16 and 18 inch sizes.


The balls

Discover our range of rubber bullets for all calibres, as well as our steel bullets.


Our packs

Save money with our packs including a projectile weapon, CO2 cartridges, rubber and metal pellets, and other accessories such as a storage case.


Sleep easy when you buy a ready-to-fire projectile defence weapon: we've selected the best models on the market so you can feel safe and secure.