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Crossbows and Crossbow pistols

Crossbows and crossbow pistols for recreational target shooting, choose from our different quality models for beginners or more experienced shooters.

We remind you that crossbow hunting is prohibited.

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Crossbow pistols


Are you looking for a precise, powerful weapon for target shooting that's also original? Then the crossbow pistol is for you! Explore our online archery shop and find the perfect product for hours of fun.


Our range of crossbow pistols

At Wicked Store, you can choose from a wide range of crossbow pistols at the best online prices, thanks to our extensive collection.

Need a simple and effective recreational crossbow pistol? Discover the Shoot Again CF101, which is easy to cock thanks to its ergonomic cocking lever.

If you're looking for a more economical model for beginners, check out the EK Archery Cobra crossbow pistol for under €60.


Why choose a crossbow pistol?

The crossbow pistol is the ideal way to start learning crossbow shooting (and recreational shooting in general). Composed of a bow and a pistol grip, this weapon is particularly light, compact and manoeuvrable, making it easy to use for beginners.

However, its performance is not negligible, as it can shoot an arrow with great accuracy over a distance of up to 25 metres.

To help you choose your crossbow pistol, the Wicked Store teams are here to advise you. Our archery specialists will select for you the models that offer the best value for money, as well as the latest products on the market.

To add even more fun and originality to your recreational shooting sessions, check out the other product ranges in our online archery shop. With our slingshots, blowpipes and a wide range of accessories (targets, ammunition, ropes), hitting your target has never been so much fun!