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Keeping your firearms safe with our safes and cabinets


Gun safety is a top priority for any responsible gun owner. At Wicked Store, we understand the importance of properly storing and securing your firearms. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of gun safes and gun cabinets specifically designed to meet your security needs.


Why choose our safes and cabinets?

Safety First and Foremost: Our products are manufactured using the strongest materials and most advanced locking mechanisms to ensure maximum safety for your leisure and defence firearms.

Compliance with Security Standards: All our safes and cabinets comply with the strictest security standards, guaranteeing optimum protection for your firearms.

Size and Capacity Options: Whether you have a single weapon or a complete collection, we have a variety of size and capacity options to meet your specific needs.

Ease of Installation and Use: Our products are designed to be easy to install and use, giving you hassle-free peace of mind.

Free delivery: Our safes and strongboxes are delivered free of charge to your home in mainland France. We do not deliver outside mainland France, except for the small safe (see product sheet).


Product Features :

- Robust Construction: Made from high quality materials, our safes and cabinets are designed to withstand break-in attempts and physical damage.

- Advanced Locking Systems: From electronic to combination locks, our products are equipped with the latest locking technologies to ensure maximum security.

- Customisable interior layout: With adjustable shelves and modular compartments, you can customise the interior of your strongbox to suit your storage needs (optional).


Why is Shooting Weapon Safety Crucial?

Shooting-gun security is a responsibility that every gun owner must take seriously. By choosing our safes and cabinets, you are investing in the protection of your loved ones, your home and your community from accidents and unauthorised use of your firearms. 

At Wicked Store, we are committed to providing you with secure and reliable storage solutions for your shooting weapons. 

For more information on our safes and cabinets for storing and securing shooting weapons, contact us today!