Airsoft Tracer BBs

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Discover the benefits of Airsoft Tracer Balls for an immersive gaming experience


Tracer BBs have become a must-have for airsoft enthusiasts, offering an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Designed with integrated light technology and combined with specific tracer tips, these balls add a unique visual dimension to your games. Explore with us the benefits and features of Airsoft tracer balls with tracer tips, and find out how they can enhance your gaming experience.


How Airsoft Tracer Balls work


Airsoft tracer balls work in tandem with specially designed tracer tips. These tips are fitted with small LED lights that are activated when a BB is fired through the gun's barrel. As the ball passes through the tracer tip, the LED light is activated and flashes the ball so that it becomes luminous.

Once activated, the cue ball remains illuminated along its entire trajectory, creating a trail of light that is easily visible to players. This trail of light not only makes it possible to track shots and spot opponents, but also enhances immersion by adding an element of realism and dynamism to the game experience.


Advantages of Airsoft tracer balls with tracer tip


Increased visibility: Tracer balls with tracer tips offer increased visibility thanks to the light activated when firing, making it easier to follow the trajectory of shots even in low-light conditions.

Enhanced immersion: The light trail left by the tracer beads creates a more immersive and realistic gaming experience, putting players right at the heart of the action.

Shot Tracking: The glowing trajectory of the tracer balls allows players to better track their shots, making it easier to assess their performance and develop their shooting skills.

Opponent spotting: The improved visibility of tracer balls with tracer tips makes it easier to spot opponents, offering a significant tactical advantage during games.

Customisation and variety: Airsoft Tracking Balls with Tracer Tips are available in two colours (green or red) and in a variety of weights, giving players the chance to customise their gaming experience to suit their preferences and their weapon.


Airsoft Tracking Balls with Tracer Tips revolutionise the gaming experience by offering increased visibility, enhanced immersion and a significant tactical advantage. By understanding how these innovative balls work, airsoft enthusiasts can turn their games into an exciting, immersive adventure.