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Rifles, revolvers and pistols with pellets or steel BBs for target shooting. Discover our collection of recreational shooting weapons in packs or individually, for beginners and experienced shooters alike.

We also offer crossbows, slingshots and blowguns as well as a large selection of targets.

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At Wicked Store, we offer a wide range of recreational firearms in the calibre of your choice. When it comes to recreational shooting, you'll find pellet rifles, steel ball pistols and revolvers, crossbows, slingshots and blowguns. Come and buy your leisure shooting weapon at the best price in our shop so you can enjoy your favourite activity.


Pellet rifles

If you're looking for a pellet rifle for leisure use, we've got exactly what you need in stock. Whether for competition, target shooting or sport shooting, we have a wide range of pellet rifles up to 20 joules at the best prices.

Our rifles are ideal for successful leisure shooting. Our catalogue includes rifle brands such as Hammerli, Gamo, Crosman, Beeman, Browning and Artemis/Snowpeak. We also stock PCP pre-compressed air rifles such as the 19 joule Snowpeak PR900W PCP. PCP air rifles allow you to shoot without having to cock your rifle by breaking the barrel with each shot.

If you're looking for a 20 joule pellet rifle at the best price, you can opt for our Artémis SR1000S model. You can also choose the Crosman TR77 nitro piston if you're looking for an excellent, high-precision weapon for your various shooting sessions. We also offer the Gamo Delta Fox junior rifle for introducing youngsters to recreational shooting. Our gunsmith's is the ideal address to find the rifle of your dreams with excellent value for money.


Steel BB pistols and revolvers

Very much in vogue these days, the BB pistol or revolver is the ideal accessory for letting off steam. We have a large collection of bbs pistols and revolvers in stock, which you can obtain at a very affordable price. Our ball pistols and revolvers are available with all the necessary accessories in a ready-to-fire pack. Discover our CO2 pistol pack, which fires 4.5 mm calibre pellets.

In our shop, you'll find the steel ball pistol and revolver that's perfectly suited to your needs. For your leisure shooting sessions, you can choose between the semi-automatic ball pistol pack or the "full auto" ball pistol pack. For each shot, the automatic pistol requires you to squeeze the trigger, whereas the full auto requires just one squeeze to release a continuous stream of ammunition. Our armoury stocks pistols with mobile or fixed breech in different calibres. Our pistols and revolvers are made by leading brands such as Glock, Colt, Smith & Wesson and ASG.


Crossbow pistols

Our archery offer is reserved for a certain category of recreational target shooters. The crossbow pistol is the ideal weapon for beginner or recreational target shooters. It consists of a pistol grip and a bow. We offer a wide range of products that are sure to meet your expectations. The Man Kung TCS2B Alligator crossbow pistol, for example, is available at the best price from our leisure armoury.

This crossbow pistol has an ergonomic cocking lever that makes it easy to cock. For beginners, you can opt for a more ergonomic weapon like the EK Achery Cobra crossbow pistol. This weapon is available from our gun shop for less than €60.

Our crossbow pistols can shoot arrows from a distance of up to 25 metres with high accuracy. We also supply recreational crossbows with black composite stocks and fibreglass bows. These models are designed for people who want to learn target shooting.

We have a team of specialists on hand to help you find the best crossbow guns for your budget. If you want to add more fun and originality to your leisure shooting sessions, you can choose our blowguns and slingshots with Umarex and NXG pellets from our stock.


Targets and ammunition

You'll find a wide range of targets and ammunition for different weapons such as pellet rifles, crossbow pistols and slingshots in our leisure armoury. Whether you're looking for a square cardboard target, an animal-shaped target or a target connected to a mobile app, you'll find everything you need for your leisure shooting session in our shop. Our selection of pellet rifle targets is ideal for practising your hobby effectively.

We also offer a range of shooting accessories such as ear muffs, ballistic glasses, maintenance oils, cleaning mats, Umarex pellets, etc. If you're looking for quality accessories for your leisure shooting sessions, you'll find sighting lamps and lasers and cases for storing your handgun in our catalogue. We also offer scabbards for long guns and rifles. Come and buy your leisure shooting weapon at an attractive price from our gunsmith's and have it delivered to you as soon as possible.