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Pellet pistols and revolvers: what weapons are you allowed to have in your home?


Here are the questions we are entitled to ask about the regulation of these weapons.


Is it legal to have a pellet gun?

Pellet guns are classified according to their power, which must not exceed 20 joules. You can therefore buy a pistol of this calibre as long as you are an adult. A pellet gun that exceeds 20 joules will be classed as category C. You will need a hunting permit or licence before you can own a gun in this category.

The use of a pellet gun is also regulated depending on where the shot is fired. It is strictly forbidden to use a pellet gun or rifle in a public, unsecured place. This prohibition applies to all weapons, regardless of their power.


Can I shoot a BB gun in my garden?

However, it is permitted to shoot category D and some category C pellet guns in private places, subject to certain conditions.

You can therefore shoot pellets in your garden, as long as you comply with the following rules:

  • securing the shooting area,
  • set up a target (this must be an obstacle capable of stopping the bullets),
  • The noise of your shots must not disturb the neighbours.

As well as buying ammunition for shooting, we also advise you to buy protective equipment before you start shooting. This will protect you from possible accidents. You can use protective glasses to avoid unwanted projectiles. And don't be afraid to make sure that no-one is around!


Our selection of pellet guns for safe leisure shooting


Recreational shooting is a growing activity in France. To indulge in this activity, the player will need to use a pellet pistol or revolver.

Whether you're an amateur or an expert recreational shooter, Wicked Store offers you top-quality pellet guns for your shooting sessions.


Pellet pistol shooting


Pellet guns: air guns for a good shooting experience


We offer a range of air guns that work by compressing air. The GAMO P -900 IGT 4.5 mm pistol is a perfect example. It's a pellet gun with a 4.5 mm barrel that incorporates IGT technology to enhance your shooting experience. It's a folding model, available at a very good price.

The 4.5 mm Buck Mark URX Browning pistol is another product in our stock, available at a very affordable price. You can also opt for the SP500 SNOWPEAK CAL. 4.5 mm pistol, which will win you over with its precision.


CO2 pellet guns for efficient shooting


At Wicked Store, our stock also includes CO2 pellet guns.

These guns use CO2 capsules and fire not only pellets, but also 4.5 mm BBS steel balls. If you're looking for CO2 pistols, the GLOCK 17 - 4.5 MM BBS - CO2 pistol is a great choice.

This officially licensed Glock product is perfectly suited to metal targets. It's perfect for recreational shooting. You can also choose the WALTHER Q5 MATCH COMBO pistol. This 4.5 mm pellet pistol is highly appreciated for its shooting accuracy.


A ready-to-fire pistol pack


To save you the headache of choosing accessories, we offer you our ready-to-shoot pistol packs. This pack includes ammunition and protective eyewear, in addition to the pistol. You can also find a target and other accessories depending on the pack.

Don't hesitate to choose the SWISS ARMS P92 Stainless - Blowback - 4.5 mm BB CO2 pistol pack or the GAMO P -900 IGT 4.5 mm pistol pack! The Sig Sauer P226 - Blowback - Cal. 4.5 mm lead or BBS CO2 pistol pack is also a perfect choice. It's compatible with both pellets and steel bbs.

The Sig Sauer pistol is the replica of the weapon preferred by special forces worldwide. 


Our selection of revolvers for leisure shooting


Equipped with a cylindrical cylinder that runs parallel to the barrel, revolvers are highly appreciated for their reliability and shooting comfort. If you're looking for a revolver for leisure shooting, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our leisure gun shop. Our stock of weapons includes pellet revolvers for leisure shooting that operate with CO2 capsules.

These revolvers fire not only pellets, but also 4.5 mm BBS steel balls. Look no further than the ASG DAN WESSON, a powerful 6-shot chrome-plated pellet revolver! Impressive and elegant, this 6-shot revolver belongs to a new generation of airguns that improve range and accuracy. The ASG SCHOFIELD antique black revolver is also a 6-shot pellet-firing weapon. However, it can also fire BBS steel pellets. It's the perfect replica of a popular handgun used by cowboys.

To avoid making the wrong choice of accessories, we recommend you opt for a ready-to-fire revolver pack. The ASG SCHOFIELD antique black revolver pack is a very good choice. It includes an antique black Schofield 4.5 mm revolver, a box of 500 pellets and 5 CO2 capsules. You'll also find a pair of safety glasses and a storage case with foam interior. This pack is available from stock at the best price.

We also offer a wide range of targets for recreational shooting. Paper targets, animal-shaped targets and targets connected to a mobile app - you'll be spoilt for choice!