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Electroshocks or shockers for personal self-defense, for the home or to keep in your bag to feel safe while traveling. Discover our models of different powers and shapes. Some are in the shape of pens for discretion or even in the shape of brass knuckles for a better grip.

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Powerful tasers and electric shockers


Discover our selection of powerful tasers for personal self-defence, for the home or to keep in your bag so you feel safe when you're on the move. Our shockers come in a variety of shapes and strengths: some are pen-shaped for discretion, others are knuckle-shaped for a better grip.


Why buy a powerful Taser?


A powerful Taser has several advantages. Firstly, it can penetrate several layers of clothing, making it effective in all circumstances. With a lower-powered shocker, you have to aim at the attacker's bare skin to be able to reach him, making it a much less practical self-defence weapon.

Another advantage is that this type of Taser is more impressive, thanks to the electric arc and the thud it produces when activated. It therefore has a real deterrent effect, capable of immediately scaring off any intruder or attacker.


What is the most powerful Taser?


The most powerful tasers are those used by law enforcement agencies. Designed to immediately incapacitate an individual, even from a distance, they are not authorised for use by the general public.

However, it is possible to buy an electric shocker of quite reasonable power, up to 10,000,000 volts, over the counter. At 1.5 million volts, an electric shock can penetrate a layer of clothing and disorientate an assailant, giving you time to escape and call for help.


Is it legal to have a powerful Taser?


Powerful tasers that fire electrodes from a distance, such as those used by the police and gendarmerie, are classed as category B weapons. It is therefore illegal to possess one unless you have specific authorisation.

However, these devices must be distinguished from electric shockers, which cannot be used at a distance. In fact, it is necessary to touch the targeted person directly to transmit an electric shock, which will briefly paralyse and disorientate him or her.

Powerful tasers that can only be used in hand-to-hand combat are completely legal: classified as category D weapons, they are available over the counter to anyone over the age of 18, just like defensive spray.