How to choose your Airsoft balls


What weight should I choose for my Airsoft balls?


Good question! The lighter the ball, the greater its range, and the heavier the ball, the more stable it is. The right choice is therefore a balance between ball weight and replica performance.


That's why we recommend using :

0.20 g for replica handguns with moving breech (GBB), or for chronographs during your games.

0.23 g if you want a good compromise for your electric replicas (AEG) and your breech-block replicas (GBB), especially if you only want to take one type of ball into the field.

0.25 g are the most frequently used by Airsofteurs with their long electric replicas (AEG), thanks to their perfect range/accuracy balance. This is THE perfect weight for gaming.

0.28 g if you want greater accuracy over shorter distances, such as in CQB (Close Quarter Battle) or in the forest with more powerful replicas.

0.30 g, for flawless accuracy, especially if you want to use a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) replica.

0.36 g, ideal for a sniper-type replica combining speed and precision. Some of the heaviest beads, they will brighten up your precision shots.

0.40 g, the heaviest ball weight for a sniper-type replica.


Organic Airsoft BBs are better


The environment is important! So, for your outdoor games, choose the BIODEGRADABLE range of balls for cleaner play and to leave nature around us even more beautiful.