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Telescopic batons for self-defense, discover our wide choice of baton models of different sizes, with or without storage case, and even in keychain version.

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The telescopic baton, also known as a telescopic defence baton, is a formidable weapon in self-defence. Its blows can neutralise an aggressor. Would you like to have this weapon for your protection?


Discover our wide range of low cost telescopic batons


For self-defence, Wicked Store offers a wide range of good quality, low cost telescopic batons. In our stock you'll find models of different sizes (50cm, 56cm, 64cm...) manufactured by leading brands such as Piranha. Their sticks are made of resistant metal such as stainless steel, hardened or not, followed by a rubber handle. They come in different colours (chrome, gold, black...) to suit all tastes.

Among our top products is the telescopic steel baton with automatic opening at the touch of a button. It is equipped with a black rubber handle and a glass breaker. Also in our stock is the powerful taser baton with accessories. It can also be used as a lamp if necessary. For your protection we also have several versions of the mini telescopic baton with a short opening and closing length.

Check our catalogue now for prices and details of the telescopic batons on sale. Wicked Store guarantees fast delivery of its products, including the telescopic defence baton. We ship our defence weapons and accessories anywhere in Europe within 48 hours. You then have 30 days to change your mind after purchasing a telescopic baton or any other product from our stock.


Is it legal to have a telescopic baton?


The telescopic baton is classified as a category D weapon. It is therefore in the same category as knives, blank guns, baseball bats for defence and tear gas canisters. Like the others, this weapon is freely available. Its acquisition is permitted to persons 18 years of age or older.

The law permits the possession of a telescopic defence baton in the home of the owner. It is forbidden to carry or transport this weapon without a legitimate reason, whether it is in its storage case or not. So you cannot keep a Piranha telescopic baton in your car, for example. You risk being fined and/or imprisoned in the event of a security check by the police or gendarmerie.


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Where to hit with a telescopic baton?


In self-defence with a telescopic baton, it is recommended to hit the paralytic or non-lethal areas. The green areas to aim for are the arms and legs. If the attacker is subdued, stop the beating with the telescopic baton, run away if necessary and call the police.

In an altercation, be very careful where you strike with this defence stick. For example, hitting the back or trunk with this weapon can cause internal bleeding, a punctured lung or a broken rib. The back and trunk are the orange areas of the human body to be avoided when using a telescopic baton. The red area, with a high risk, is the head. Strikes to the head with a telescopic defence baton can cause brain damage, skull fracture or death.


What defences can you have at home?


Apart from a telescopic baton, you can have a kubotan or a baseball bat at home for defence in the event of an intrusion or assault. It is generally permissible to have any type of category D weapon at home for protection. You can therefore also opt for :

  • Tear gas canisters,
  • pocket shockers,
  • air rifle,
  • the electric fist,
  • the tonfa,
  • brass knuckles, etc.

When making a choice, give priority to a defence weapon about which you have enough information and with which you will feel comfortable when using. A telescopic baton with a notched handle with a non-slip function, for example, ensures that the weapon is held securely when struck.