Air Rifles

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Looking for a pellet rifle? Whether you're looking for a sporting rifle, a competition rifle or simply a target or can shot in your garden, Wicked Store has a complete range of pellet rifles up to 20 joules, to suit all needs and budgets.


A wide choice of pellet rifles


At Wicked Store, you'll find a huge range of pellet rifles: we've got everything you need for a successful shooting session! All the top rifle brands are in our catalogue: Artemis, Browning, Beeman, Crosman, Gamo, Hammerli...  

Looking for a simple, effective and affordable 20 joule pellet rifle? Don't miss out on the Artemis SR1000S.  Need a high-precision weapon for your shooting sessions? Choose a model with a scope, like the Crosman TR77 nitro piston, with its innovative gas propulsion technology. Finally, to introduce your youngest shooters to recreational shooting, don't miss the NXG APX junior rifle, with its integrated pump-fill system.

Looking for a complete set of equipment to get you started? Why not treat yourself to a pellet rifle pack containing a rifle and all the essential accessories: protective eyewear, pellets, carrying case, target holder...


Our advice on choosing your pellet rifle


Pellet rifles of up to 20 joules are classified as category D weapons. They can therefore be freely purchased by anyone over the age of majority. Designed for leisure shooting, these rifles have (for the most part) a 4.5 mm calibre and are ideal for shooting at targets, whether cardboard or metal. So you can have hours and hours of legal fun!

However, choosing your first pellet rifle is not always easy. Power, stock, barrel, propulsion system... There are many criteria to consider. That's why the Wicked Store team is here to advise you and help you make the right choice.

You can also consult our guide to the different rifle models: a real compendium of advice and tips to help you learn everything you need to know about these leisure weapons. So you can choose the model that suits you best, with full knowledge of the facts.


Air rifle safety and maintenance


When using an air rifle, it is important to follow basic safety precautions and comply with current legislation. Under the legislation governing the use of compressed air weapons, air rifles fall into category D, provided their power does not exceed 20 joules. You are therefore free to possess an air rifle in your home without having to make a declaration to the prefecture (as is necessary for category C weapons). You must, however, provide valid identification to confirm that you are of legal age. 

Basic safety rules are essential when using an air rifle. Even if they can fire less than 20 joules, they can cause serious harm if you hit someone. In order to guarantee the safety of those observing your target shooting session, it is important you use your air rifle in a well-cleared area, with no one in close proximity (including by your side).

It is crucial to properly care for and maintain your air rifle for optimal functionality. The rifle needs to be cleaned in several stages, focusing on both the inside and outside. 


Cleaning the inside of an air rifle

The first thing to do is to clean the barrel of any lead particles that may clog it up over time. To do this, you'll need to use a cylinder brush that can be inserted into the barrel to effectively remove these lead particles trapped there. Additionally, you can use felt cleaning pads. 

You should also clean the seals (used to compress and decompress the piston) on your air rifle with a suitable lubricant. Finally, don't forget to lubricate the mechanical parts (trigger tail and break mechanism in particular). 


Maintenance of the external parts of an air rifle

Cleaning the stock and the outside of the barrel does more than just restore their visual appearance. Above all, it removes the dust and dirt that can cause damage to your air rifle over time.


Choosing the perfect pellets for your air rifle

When you want to learn to shoot with an air rifle, it's essential to choose ammunition that's suited to your level and use. Pellets come in different types with distinct uses, identifiable by the shape of their head and suited for specific targets and distances: 

  • Flat-head pellets, for guaranteed accuracy every time.
  • Pointed-head pellets, perfectly suited to recreational shooting thanks to their high penetration coefficient
  • Round-head pellets, if you're looking to practise long-distance shooting.

If you're a beginner to air rifle shooting, choose flat-head pellets. Suitable for both 4.5mm and 5.5mm air rifles, flat-head pellets are ideal when starting out, as the optimum shooting distance for this type of pellet is around ten metres. 

If you're unsure which brand of lead to choose, Wicked Store suggests Gamo leads, which are perfect for beginners. Following that, you can switch to pellets that are favoured by regular players, like those from H&N or JSB.