Airsoft Glock Handguns

All our Glock-licensed airsoft replicas, from the famous Glock 17 to the Glock 45 and the Glock 22, discover the full Glock Airsoft range by Umarex.

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Identical in design to the real thing, the Glock Airsoft is an excellent choice for any player looking for a reliable, realistic pistol. Lightweight and with unprecedented technical capabilities, it offers an unrivalled gaming experience. On Paintball Connexion, the Glock stock available for sale is considerable, and includes all models, including the famous Glock 17, which scores many positive reviews.


Which Glock for airsoft?


There are many replica handguns available for airsoft. The best, however, is the Glock 17, designed with top-quality materials and featuring all the details of the original weapon. Efficient on all terrains, this replica handgun is attractively priced and capable of firing gas or CO2.

A very practical point about the new Glocks by Umarex is that they are CO2 and gas compatible, which means that if you buy a Glock G17 in gas, you can buy an additional compatible CO2 magazine.

The most striking feature of this Airsoft handgun replica is its steel slide, recognizable among many others. What's more, the Glock 17 delivers a fairly strong Blowback effect, enabling players to feel the recoil with every shot fired.

While Glock 17 replicas stand out for their shooting accuracy, these pistols are also appreciated for their maneuverability and efficiency. Weapons like the Glock 17 offer consistent performance with a maximum energy of one joule, and feature adjustable sights compatible with original accessories.

The Glock 17 replicas available from our online store are identical in size to the original model. Last but not least, this type of weapon fits easily into all standard holsters.


Airsoft Glock handguns


The different Glock models in Airsoft version


Players with a hankering for a Glock can choose between several replicas, and the stock on Wicked Store includes several models of this pistol. Glocks also go through five specific phases of evolution called generations:

  • Gen 1 has specific rectangular lines and polymer cross plates,
  • the Gen 2 has ridges on the front and rear of the grip for a better grip,
  • the Gen 3 features a picatinny rail under the barrel, and the grip pads have new textures,
  • Gen 4 features a modular grip, a new magazine release button configuration and a new firing pin safety.

Finally, the fifth generation (Gen 5) features a new grip design, an ambidextrous breech stop, modernized sights and a beveled front breech.


Glock 17 Airsoft

This model, the best-known of the series, is used by police forces for training sessions. Umarex, which produces replicas under official Glock license, offers both CO2- and gas-powered Glock 17s. All Umarex Glock 17 models come with optional extra magazines. 


Glock 18 Airsoft

The Glock 18 is the long-barreled automatic version of the Glock series. It features a firing selector for choosing between semi-automatic and full-automatic modes. This model is equipped with a metal breech, picatinny rail, 50-round magazine and adjustable hop-up. Umarex's Glock 18 Airsoft is gas-powered.


Glock 19 Airsoft

Umarex's compact version of the Glock 17 features a shorter barrel and frame. The presence of a heavy-metal slide considerably improves the feel of the pistol. Finally, the Glock 19 benefits from an adjustable hop-up that facilitates rear ball rotation for stable, long-distance flight.


Glock 22 Airsoft

Developed for law enforcement, the Glock 22 Gen4 has a large caliber. However, its airsoft version is CO2-powered and boasts an energy of up to 2 joules. Its 14-round magazine is a real asset in the field. The Glock 22 Gen4 is equipped with a metal slide and weighs just 645 g.


Glock 34 Airsoft

Designed for IPSC Airsoft shooting, the Glock 34 Gen4 is a target-hitting replica. Its long barrel, which stabilizes the trajectory of the pellets, and its adjustable firing system make it a precision weapon. The Umarex version features a CNC-machined aluminum slide for a total weight of 695 g. The Glock 34 Gen4 is capable of propelling a ball with an energy of one joule.


Glock 42 Airsoft

The Glock 42 Airsoft version is the ideal emergency pistol, because it's the smallest of the Glocks. Easy to carry in a pocket, it features a metal slide and an excellent Blowback effect. At Umarex, the Glock 42 has an impeccable finish and disassembles just like the original pistol. It can fire 10 pellets with an energy of one joule, and its trajectory is extremely precise thanks to its adjustable hop-up.


Glock 45 Airsoft

A semi-automatic pistol, the Glock 45 is a crossover that combines the full-size frame of the Glock 17 with the compact breech of the Glock 19. This Gen5 pistol features serrations on the slide and an improved grip. At Umarex, the Glock 45 is gas-operated and comes with a Weaver rail for tactical accessories.