The .4.5mm dart pellets offer shooting enthusiasts a new way to practice recreational shooting. Compatible with single shot handguns and long guns, these pellets deliver powerful and very accurate shots.

Here is a product that stylishly expands the recreational fun range of funky shooting, the neon long tail dart lead.

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Bi-material, this ammunition consists of a brass rod with a pointed head on the front and a tail with a long empennage in profiled polymer, fluorescent colour.

A little heavier than traditional diabolos pellets, 0.6 grams, the 4.5 mm caliber DART dart pellet is intended for single-shot, hand or shoulder break barrel type weapons.

The length of this pellet, 28 mm overall, only authorizes its use on single shots with barrel loading, which makes it incompatible with cylinder systems.

The weight of 0.6 grams is logically located more on the front of the projectile, which gives it a violent impact on the target while tilting its ballistic curve and limiting its range.



The violence of the impact is very surprising and interesting because, even if it does not seem at all a priori, this ammunition is capable of passing through metal cans of the tin can type, thicker than cans, at impressive distances of around 15 meters if you have a rifle developing a power of 20 joules. A small loss of vertical precision at such a distance will have to be compensated by aiming a few centimeters higher than the target.

The nylon empennage, approximately 20 mm long, is profiled with a diameter of 4.5 mm so as to act as a skirt for optimal propulsion, it is made in 2 fluorescent colors, green and pink, which makes it visible at long distance, to clearly identify its point of impact and correct the next aim as well as find the lost projectiles in the event of a missed target.

Packaged in boxes of 10 units, 5 green 5 pink, these dart pellets open up many possibilities for fun little competitions with friends or family, from shooting on cork targets to indoor dartboards with short pellet guns. distance, less than 5 meters, up to target shooting at 10 / 15 meters outdoors with 20 joule rifles, passing through high-level plinking on cans (and other miscellaneous objects) at 15 meters and more for the best.

A great fun activity to add to the joys of recreational shooting.


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