Intended for recreational shooting, Blick explosive pellets cause a flash of light as well as a major detonation when propelled. Shooting enthusiasts will therefore have fun in a new way with this new type of pellets.

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It was simple but you had to think about it, BLICK explosive pellets provide shooters of all backgrounds and all tendencies with an opening for sessions that are even better than recreational, downright funny and refreshing for anyone who owns a pistol or an air rifle of break barrel type, with a caliber of 4.5 mm.

Because there is material to have fun with these explosive pellets, which retain the principle of the diabolo-type lead despite their cylindrical shape, their bottom being hollow like the lead skirt, for a completely conventional propulsion.



The detonation generated by the contact of the lead on its target is somewhat reminiscent of that of the famous “snap-finger” of our parents and grandparents, with however two major differences:

- The noise emitted by explosive pellets is much louder

- Above all, do not pull them on the ground near the feet of the guests, this could cause injury

The luminous flash that accompanies the detonation at the moment of impact is also very appreciated by the participants, especially if they are not warned, the surprise effect is downright successful and funny, especially since this flash is a considerable dimension with a diameter of the order of 50 mm. The gag effect is guaranteed.

These pellets open up many shooting possibilities and new targets, they are to be consumed without moderation during hilarious sessions with family, friends, in your garden or in a club with colleagues to diversify the activity between two series of more shots. serious.



These pellets are made of synthetic material, they are skirted like conventional pellets, and their unit weight is around 0.25 grams, half as much as the standards, which gives them greater speed in muzzle exit for a shorter useful range, from 5 to 7 meters maximum.



Made in Russia by KVINDOR, these pellets, if they are fun, are nonetheless of perfect, regular quality, packaged in boxes of 50 units. Despite their funny side and therefore not very serious a priori, they are nonetheless ammunition with precise trajectories within the limit of their range and are to be considered exactly like any other projectiles with similar respect for safety rules. to that provided to other types of ammunition both at home, in garden shots and in clubs.


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