ASG SCHOFIELD AIRGUN REVOLVER 6 inch Antique Black - Pellet 4.5mm CO²

ASG SCHOFIELD AIRGUN REVOLVER 6 inch Antique Black - Pellet 4.5mm CO²

Schofield CO2 revolver with a very nice finish and delivered with 6 brass sockets for 4,5mm diabolo lead. It can also fire 4.5mm steel BBs using the special BB cases sold separately.

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Rough, antique version in distressed black with imitation wood handle. 

Own a piece of firearms history, the Schofield CO2 powered air pistol is an ultra-realistic replica of the famous revolver used by many of the great gunmen of the Wild West. Dummy cartridges, each containing a single BB, are loaded into this revolver. The revolver functions like the real thing, including the ejector that quickly ejects spent cartridges for quick reloading.

Can fire both BB and pellets depending on the cartridges used.

6 pellet cases are included in the box. 

Pellet sockets (ref.18962)

BB steel ball sockets (ref.18963)



The Schofield was a modified Smith & Wesson Model 3, suggested by Major George Schofield, to allow a rider to reload more easily while driving. A rider could reload a Schofield in less than 30 seconds. Because of its reduced power and recoil compared to the Colt .45, it was easier to shoot accurately, while maintaining effective stopping power on the battlefield.

It was a fairly popular handgun and many of the great legends of the Wild West, such as General Custer, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp, are said to have used a Schofield revolver.


Finish: Full black antiqued metal with synthetic "wood" plate

Trigger: single action

Caliber: 4,5mm (brass bushes for 4,5mm diabolo lead included)

Capacity: 6 shots

Power: 3 Joules

Length: 320mm

Weight: 1085g

Not for sale to minors. 


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