Butterfly knives

The butterfly knife is an original piece that fascinates all knife lovers. Still called balisong, this versatile knife with a special folding mechanism is useful for martial arts, self-defense and light cutting tasks in everyday life. The butterfly knife with stainless steel blade is also used for tricks. Wicked Store offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and effective butterfly knives to satisfy the cravings of exceptional balisong lovers.

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What is a butterfly knife?


The butterfly knife is a pocket knife with a blade and two removable handles that fold over the blade. Held by a latch, the handles of the butterfly knife can be opened or closed to reveal or hide the stainless steel blade respectively. When the handles are closed on the blade, the shape of the balisong knife is reminiscent of the butterfly's body framed by its wings.

This is what gives the name butterfly knife to this piece. The balisong knife can be easily opened with one or two hands, especially if the user is experienced in handling this pocket knife. The handles of a butterfly knife can be made of wood, steel or brass.


balisong butterfly knife


What uses for the butterfly knife?


The uses of the butterfly folding knife are numerous. Because of its light weight and ability to be easily concealed, the balisong knife is widely used by some elite corps units. The butterfly knife can inflict serious damage to the body when the sharp stainless steel blade is properly sharpened.

As a pocket knife, the balisong is also used for self-defense when practicing martial arts. It is important to find out whether or not it is illegal to possess a butterfly knife that can be used as a weapon. The butterfly knife should only be used in self-defense.

The butterfly knife is also used for cutting actions inherent to bushcraft activities (hiking, camping, forest exploration, etc.). Finally, entertainment professionals can use butterfly knives to perform special tricks.


How to use a butterfly knife?


Butterfly knives are not like other pocket knives. Whether it's a cheap butterfly knife or a high-end albainox balisong, you need to be dexterous and careful when using your blade. This avoids the risk of hand injury to the user, but also the risk of accidental injury to others. You can use a specialized trainer to take courses in handling this pocket knife.

To perform tricks with a balisong, you need to learn how to handle the handle close to the sharp side of the blade (bite handle) and the handle close to the non sharp side of the blade (swedge handle). With these basics, it will be easier for you to perform some beginner moves with your butterfly knife. These include the quick one-handed opening, the fan-shaped opening, the full swirl, etc. To begin using the butterfly knife, you can use the "training" version of the attachment. The training knife does not have a blade that cuts, so you can get used to handling the knife without risking injury.

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