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In France, the law prohibits the carrying or transporting of a category D weapon without legitimate reason, and considers a pocket knife to be a bladed weapon. In practice, however, carrying a knife is sometimes tolerated and sometimes incriminating, depending on the situation. It is therefore wiser to leave your pocket knife behind if you have no legitimate reason to take it with you. On the other hand, taking your favourite pocket knife on a bivouac or using it as a working tool won't cause you any trouble. So if you'd like to buy your accessory, Wicked Store has a wide range of pocket knives at the best prices.


Our range of assisted-opening folding knives


Designed for easy transport and access in trouser pockets, pocket knives come in a variety of forms. Today there are modern versions with options for unfolding the blade, as well as various opening and locking systems. Folding knives are a perfect example, and their usefulness extends far beyond use in the kitchen. However, you'll need to choose very high quality pocket knives.

At Wicked Store, all our folding pocket knives are of excellent quality and come at a very good price. What's more, most of the knives in our stock have an assisted opening feature.


What is an assisted opening knife?

An assisted-opening pocket knife works in part like an automatic pocket knife. It is also known as a semi-automatic knife. With an assisted-opening knife, however, you have to press the flipper to initiate opening. The assistance will then take over and pull the blade out of the handle.


Make the right choice for your pocket knife

When buying your pocket knife from Wicked Store, don't hesitate to choose a folding knife with assisted opening! We offer a wide range of high-quality folding knives. With their steel blades, our pocket knives are renowned for keeping their sharpness over time. These models can be used as survival knives for camping, hunting or hiking...

Take the black folding pocket knife, with its steel blade, black 11.5 cm handle and satin finish. A top-quality product, you'll find it in our stock at the best possible price.

If you're a fan of shooting, pocket knives in the shape of a bullet with a stainless steel blade are a better option. You can also opt for the essential Opinel pocket knife. This pocket knife comes in a range of colours. With a stainless steel blade, beech handle and leather sheath, this pocket knife is made using genuine French know-how with Opinel.  


Our selection of tactical knives for every situation


Like the butterfly knife, the tactical knife is designed for professional use. In France and elsewhere, tactical pocket knives are generally used for self-defence, martial arts and law enforcement. They can also be used by anyone looking for a solid, reliable pocket knife.

So if you're looking for a pocket knife that can handle any situation, the tactical pocket knife is the best choice. At Wicked Store, we offer you the K25 tactical folding knife with sheath. This product is engraved with a motif and has a 9.5 cm blade. The handle is covered in black rubber, a strong, durable material that won't get dirty.

You can also choose Cityguard's tactical folding pocket knife, which has a stainless steel blade and aluminium handle. With an overall length of 22 cm, this knife also features a pocket or belt attachment system. Fitted with a reinforced polyester sheath, this top-quality product is available in stock at the best price.


Is it legal to carry a knife?


In France, carrying a knife was tolerated as long as the size of the blade did not exceed the palm of the hand. It could and still can be considered a weapon by destination, if it is used to injure or kill someone.

With the law of 30 July 2013, the pocket knife technically becomes a weapon, and carrying it is now regulated. Under this law, carrying a pocket knife becomes the same as carrying any other bladed weapon. This does not mean, however, that you should put your pocket knife in the attic. However, the police will be able to assess the situation on a case-by-case basis, which puts things into perspective. They will therefore have to assess the context and the intention behind the use of the pocket knife, if you are stopped with a pocket knife on you.

So if you're looking to buy your pocket knife at the best possible price, come to the Wicked Store. We offer a wide range of knife models for your enjoyment. Order your pocket knife now and we'll deliver your product as soon as possible.