Play with our connected target and browse your stats to improve and compete against your friends.

Target connected via an application available on the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Perfect your shot with unique challenges playable alone or with others.

Track your stats based on the replicas used and progress through different levels.

Add replica profiles and their characteristics.

Chat with your friends and create/join games with them.

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Game modes:

Spoon: you have a limited time (from 90 seconds to 35 seconds) to hit the 4 targets. Increase the difficulty by unlocking the next levels!

Designation: The application gives you the number of the target to hit randomly. Be responsive to unlock the following difficulty levels!

All game modes can be played alone or in multiplayer on the same target or on different targets connected to each other.

For each of the game modes, you can choose the distance at which you position yourself to further increase the difficulty.


How it works ?

Download the BadaBang app!

Activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone (iOS or Android)

Turn on the target and connect your smartphone to it using the app

You are ready to play!



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