Airsoft Ready-to-play pack

Economical and practical, the ready-to-play airsoft packs available from Wicked Store are the guarantee of quality equipment at the best price. 

Comprising an airsoft replica, ammunition and the protective equipment you need for your practice, these complete kits at smart prices are your best allies for getting started. 

From the AEG Kalashnikov AK 47 pack to the black Walther P99 DAO, discover our selection of must-have packs to get you started in airsoft with complete peace of mind.

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Our airsoft replica packs


We can differentiate our airsoft packs by the replicas each offers. The AEG Kalshnikov AK 47 pack, for example, includes this excellent airsoft replica, an additional magazine and a 2000-round bottle. The pack also comes with protective goggles, a black shadow mesh mask and a bag for carrying everything.

Ideal for beginners, these packs enable you to buy airsoft replicas at reduced prices. But if you'd rather opt for a short, handgun-style airsoft replica, we particularly recommend the Walther P99 Dao pistol pack in black. It comes with 5 CO2 capsules, pellets, scopes and a case. And if airsoft replicas don't do enough damage for your taste, try our airsoft grenades (not included in the packs).


Which airsoft replica should I buy?


The question that's often asked is: should I opt for a long or short airsoft replica when I start out in this sport?

Long airsoft replicas (AEG or spring type) are long gun replicas with large ball tanks. Short airsoft replicas, on the other hand, are more suited to close combat, endgame, or as a backup weapon. They can also be used for target shooting.

Finally, highly experienced players sometimes use airsoft grenade launchers, which are highly effective for eliminating several enemies at once.


Which balls should I buy for my airsoft replica?


Our store offers biodegradable airsoft balls, which are highly recommended for outdoor use. As for the type of ball, it simply depends on your airsoft replica. Handguns generally use 0.20g to 0.25g balls, while AEG long replicas are suitable for 0.25g to 0.30g balls. Our packs always include the right balls for your airsoft replica.