SMOKE GRENADE GD10 / 15 s - White

SMOKE GRENADE GD10 / 15 s - White

The GD-10 smoke grenade is a pyrotechnic product designed to simulate a battlefield.

It is designed for enthusiasts of sports and paramilitary games (paintball, ASG), for military training, etc.

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The product is characterized by an easy, fast and safe firing method, using an igniter activated by pulling the pin, without using fire.

The mixture burns without a gun, very quickly, producing a relatively large amount of dense, non-toxic smoke

which remains on the ground for a long time. Its small size makes it very practical.

Working time: about 15 seconds, safety zone at least 5 meters.


How to use it :

Grasp the product at half the length of the body.

Use the fingers of your other hand to grab the ring on the incendiary device.

With a vigorous but not too violent movement, pull along the axis of the product until the entire flammable body is torn away (approximately 15 cm).

The appearance of a small flame and smoke indicates that it worked. Immediately throw the product towards the target.



The temperature of the gases leaving the product is high. Keep the fired grenade away from your face, other parts of your body, and your clothing.

Do not throw directly at other game participants. Do not use in closed rooms.

In the event of a misfire, do not lift the product until it is clear that there is no trace of smoke.

Do not use with untrained persons, animals and in the presence of flammable substances and objects.

The smoke does not contain highly toxic substances, however, in case of high concentrations or prolonged exposure to it,

the body's defensive reactions may occur: irritation of the mucous membranes, coughing, shortness of breath.

In this case, bring fresh air to the injured person, rinse your eyes with water and, in extreme cases, contact a doctor immediately.

Do not disassemble the product. Store in its original packaging in a dry place at a temperature of +5 - + 25°C



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