Blank pistol pack BLOW F92 - 9mm PAK

This pack includes :

- The BLOW F92 semi-auto pistol 9mm PAK

- A box of 50 blanks 9mm


Documents to be supplied with purchase

- Photo of both sides of your identity card,

- Proof of French domicile (water/electricity bill or Internet box).

You must be resident in France to order this weapon. 


Free administrative formalities

- Help with creating your SIA owner account (to be done before dispatch)

- Supply of a model medical certificate (to be deposited in your SIA account within 1 month)


No additional delivery time

- Delivery in 2 to 3 days subject to documents provided 

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Pack blank gun BLOW F92 - 9mm PAK

This pack includes:

- The BLOW F92 semi auto pistol 9mm PAK

- A box of 50 blanks 9mm


The Blow F92 blank gun is a semi-automatic blank gun.

The body of the Blow F92 blank gun is made of Zamak.

This 9mm blank pistol has a magazine capacity of 17+1 rounds.

Its weight of 1135g makes it quite heavy and therefore more like a real one.


Blank guns are generally weapons filled only with gunpowder and do not contain a projectile and can only make a sound when the bullets are fired. Although the primary purpose is to make noise, they can also fire flares, pepper spray bullets or rubber balls with the adapter tip screwed into the end of the barrel. The blank gun that looks like a real gun is often favored by firearms enthusiasts for training.


Calibre 9mm

Choice of colours (Caution: gold paint is sensitive to handling, risk of scratches and flaking).

Magazine capacity 17+1 rounds (compatible with 30 round Blow magazines)

Delivered in a black case with cleaning swab and rocket launcher adapter. 

Overall length 214mm

Width 40mm

Height 141,7 mm

Weight 1135g

Not for sale to minors.


Data sheet

Weapon Category
Vente soumise à déclaration - Catégorie C


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