DEVASTATOR .68 steel bullets can increase the power of your gun by up to 18 joules.

The heavier weight of this bullet and its grooved plastic make for greater shooting power. This ammunition has been specially designed for leisure shooting, not for defence purposes. 

Exclusively for use with the T4E HDS68 rifle and the TR68 revolver.

Caution: in the TR68 (HDR68) this can deform the barrel, so it can no longer be used for round pellets. 

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With gas pellets of the same caliber, all these ammunition are projectiles intended for security, maintaining order for professionals, self-defense for individuals and more or less for recreational shooting.

The DEVASTATOR .68 ball is 100% metallic, wearing a semi-flexible plastic skirt which will allow optimized propulsion like diabolos pellets, more precise and above all more striking, since its use on the HDS 68 rifle increases its power of 16 to 18 joules, as we verified using a Chrony.

Packaged in boxes of 40 units, this ammunition is recommended for leisure and recreational shooting, it brings something new to this type of activity by its power and the violence of its impacts, in particular on metal targets which come out of it. are strongly marked.

We do not recommend the use of DEVASTATOR balls in defensive shooting, its impacts at short distance, 10 meters and less being likely to cause potentially serious injuries without being lethal, which maintains their classification in category D.

Caution: in the TR68 (HDR68) this can deform the barrel, so it can no longer be used for round pellets. 



The DEVASTATOR balls, if they are lined with a red plastic that largely surrounds them, are 100% steel.

The additional plastic part ends in a cylinder with a curved bottom which serves their propulsion by their diabolo-type skirt shape, grooved skirt for a more precise, more linear and more stable muzzle exit.

Thus this ammunition goes quickly, far, with a very good precision (you can achieve downright surprising groupings with it) and a devastating impact power, hence its name, and it allows you to imagine all kinds of unusual targets. even downright new, just for fun or to have fun with friends or club colleagues.

Its weight of 10 grams also explains the force of the impact, so note in passing the imperative importance of respecting safety rules, especially when firing on hard surfaces while wearing protective glasses because ricochets may be more eye-hazardous than standard ammo used in recreational shooting.

DEVASTATOR steel balls are not compatible with the T4E HDX 68 or the HDB 68.


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