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Wicked Store offers a wide range of decorative and functional (sharpened) katanas for the Japanese culture enthusiast. 

Also check out our collection of katanas specially designed for cosplay, with their bamboo blade that allows you to participate in manga conventions and events.

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Functional Katana Shusui Wado Ichimonji of Zoro from One Piece, unofficial replica of 105 cm, AISI 1045 carbon steel blade finished in black with satin cut, handle with white rope and black ray skin imitation, with stand. 

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Functional Katana Demon Slayer Mingshao katana wielded by Kamado Tanjirou, unofficial 108 cm replica, AISI 1045 carbon steel blade finished in black, with black scabbard with grey settings, black leatherette and red ray skin imitation rope handle, with wooden box lined with cloth. 

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Functional Katana 104.5 cm AISI 1045 carbon steel blade with cutting edge, with black sheath and black rope, handle with brown leather rope, replacement tsuba, with stand and wooden box lined with decorative fabric. 

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In Japanese culture, the katana is the characteristic element of the samurai. This weapon has evolved since the glory days of the samurai. It is most commonly seen in manga and action films. Wicked Store offers a wide range of katanas at low prices, available in different ranges.


Cosplay katanas


The Cosplay katana is a sword with a bamboo or wooden blade. It is designed to imitate characters from manga such as Demon Slayer, video games, anime films, etc. This type of katana is not dangerous even though it looks like a real sword, especially when it is in its scabbard. Besides being used to embody a fictional character or to play his role, this katana can also be used as a decorative object.

Cosplay katanas are mainly used to participate in events or manga conventions such as the Japan Expo. For example, you can embellish your Kamado Tanjiro or Inosuke Hashibira outfit with a Cosplay katana to perfectly embody these main characters of the Demon Slayer manga during these meetings between enthusiasts.

You will also find in our collection a Cosplay katana to perfectly imitate characters from the One Piece manga series such as Zoro Roronoa and Trafalgar Law. We also offer swords from the main characters of the Bleach manga (Ichigo Kurosaki, Sosuke Aizen, Rukia Kuchiki...) for a small price so you can play samurai.

Wicked Store offers a wide variety of low-cost Cosplay katanas for fans of various manga and movies (Demon Slayer, One Piece, Bleach, Kill Bill, etc.). Our different models come in different lengths, colours and sizes of blade and handle.


Deco katanas


The decorative katana is a sword designed with a non-cutting steel blade. As its name indicates, it is essentially intended to decorate a reception room in the house such as the living room or an office for example. This type of sword is sometimes sold with a stand on which it is placed as a decorative object. Wicked Store has stands for 1, 2, 3 or more decorative katanas.

These decorative katanas are particularly suitable for Japanese culture enthusiasts. They are made from the same materials and follow all the details or patterns of real katanas. The only difference is that they are not sharp. This type of katana is very popular with sword collectors and practitioners of Japanese martial arts such as Iaido, Kendo or Kenjutsu.

In our "Steel Katanas" catalogue you will find several varieties of competitively priced decorative katanas with black, white or red corded handles and a patterned or unpatterned sheath. You can make your choice according to the total length you want, the material of the handle, the size and thickness of the blade. They can be sold with accessories such as a stand.




Functional katanas


The functional katana has a sharp steel blade. They are swords of authentic quality, made with traditional materials (leather, carbon steel, imitation leather...). A functional katana can be used as a decoration at home. It is recommended to display it on a dedicated stand and in a good place in the chosen room.

Katanas are classified by French law as category D weapons for sale over the counter. Like butterfly knives used in martial arts and daggers, their possession at home is permitted if you are an adult. Carrying and transporting a functional katana or a sword without legitimate reason is however prohibited. You risk a fine and a prison sentence in case of a security check.

Our low-priced functional katanas are especially suitable if you want a beautiful quality product, an exceptional samurai item, and not an unsharpened wooden or steel imitation. In our collection you will find, for example, a perfect and sharp replica of a katana brandished by Kamado Tanjiro in the manga Demon Slayer.

There are also functional katanas Shusui, Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu of the character Zoro Roronoa from the manga One Piece. Their blade is made of AISI 1045 carbon steel and they have a rope handle and are sold with a sheath.


Mini katanas (or Tanto)


The mini katana also called Tanto is a katana with a reduced blade size. This type of sword is particularly intended for Japanese culture enthusiasts who do not have enough space at home to display a normal-sized sword. The mini katana is in fact intended for decoration. It is usually made with a non-cutting steel blade or a bamboo blade.

Check out our collection of katanas for prices and more details on each type of katana sword. Then order the model that interests you the most. The payment process for our products is completely secure. The delivery of Cosplay, decorative, functional or mini katanas is possible everywhere in Europe. It is free of charge in mainland France from a certain amount of purchase.