This projectile increases the power of the HDR50 due to its higher weight. Be careful, however, not to use it for defense. This ammunition was designed for leisure, not to be sold as a defense product.


It should be noted that this .50 caliber steel ball is only compatible with the HDR50, as is.

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Here is an ideal steel ball to add to the role of pure and hard defense of the HDR50 pistol of the T4E range that of a weapon of leisure and recreational shooting.

Indeed, its plasticized part is only used for its propulsion by presenting a function equal to that of the skirt of a diabolo, whereas it is its front part, that is to say the steel ball of caliber .50 which will be directly in contact of the chosen target.

And this plasticized part will determine both the power of the shot and its precision which is remarkable and pleasant to see.

Thus it will be possible for holders of the HDR50 pistol, who will only have to use it a priori in the event of proven aggression and in a state of self-defense, to offer themselves at any time and as often as they want superb leisure, recreational shooting sessions, alone, with family or friends, offering themselves completely improbable targets compared to those of 4.5 mm BB ball weapons which are very much less powerful with much less impact. We can hit thick steel targets and mark them clearly, move heavy gongs, which BB's absolutely do not allow. In short, we will be able to open up new and numerous sequences of recreational shots.

This is a great way to "make a profit" from the investment made on the HDR50.

It should be noted that this .50 caliber steel ball is only compatible with the HDR50, as is.


Use and safety

This ammunition is intended for recreational shooting, but its power is very real, its weight of 4 grams gives it a striking power likely to cause serious injuries if it is used without a minimum of precautions.

The wearing of protective glasses will go without saying, and it will be advisable not to shoot near people because of the risk of ricochets and in any case to ensure that there is no human presence within 10 meters, under penalty of provoking potentially serious injuries.

The steel/plastic ball TERMINATOR is packaged in a box of 30 units, plenty of fun, especially since after each session experience shows that many of them are reusable. It is not systematic, it depends on the targets hit, a quick visual examination makes it possible to determine the condition of each ammunition, and in the process to achieve substantial savings by firing the same projectiles one or more times.


Technical sheet:

Height: 1.2cm

Diameter: 1.1cm

Weight: 4 grams

Packaging: 30

Material: Stainless steel

Caliber .50


Data sheet

Ball type


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