5 defense projectiles with 12mm steel ball for tip / 18mm alarm replica adapter

The 18mm tip/Adapter is not supplied.

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Lot of 5 red projectiles with 12mm steel balls for better accuracy.

Plastic and dye 100% made in France.



- You should never force the slugs into your mouthpiece, if it forces there is a problem with the diameter.

- Before inserting a slug in the end cap, you must check that your weapon is unloaded.

- Never put a slug back in the mouthpiece if there is still ammunition in your weapon.

- It is forbidden to carry a category D weapon and/or slugs outside your home (unless there is a legitimate reason)



There are several brands of 18mm tips, the slugs are tested on SAPL tips with a diameter of 17.85mm. Depending on the machining, it may happen that the slugs force a little, or do not hold perfectly in if you aim down sight.

For other brands with a larger diameter, slugs will work just fine, but they may not fit in the mouthpiece if you tilt the gun down.

Check the diameter of the inside of your tip, the slugs are neither taken back nor exchanged.

And please take into account that depending on the manufacturing series of the bits, there may be slight differences in diameter.

It is enough that there is a difference of 0.01mm smaller for the ammunition to force a little or a larger width and in this case it will not hold in the tip.


If the Slug does not fit:

Normally it's at the base of the slug that it will be a problem, you just have to heat it with a lighter, and insert it into the tip so that it takes the right size, the plastic deforms very easily. OR you heat your tip, and you enter the slug, the plastic will adapt. Or you take sandpaper, to reduce the ring which is at the base of the slug.

In any case, note that the slug should not force too much to enter the mouthpiece. If it's light, you can force it in, and take it out by disassembling your mouthpiece and pushing with an allen key for example, the slugs are designed to adapt.


The supports are fitted with a 12mm steel ball.

The total weight is 11g (+-0.2), in comparison the rubber balls are around 4g.

Sale prohibited to minors


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Recycled cardboard


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