With a power of 3 joules, the Power Win 304 4.5mm BB'S pellet gun from Borner is ideal for recreational shooting. Shooters will have fun on metal targets of all kinds.

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The Borner brand has made a name for itself on the airgun market in recent years. Originally from Eastern Europe, Borner is recognized for its products with an excellent quality/price ratio, which particularly characterizes the PW-304 pistol.


The Power Win 304 pistol from Borner is inspired by the famous 1911 pistol, which was the pistol of the United States Armed Forces for 74 years. Intended here for leisure, this replica has been entirely designed in polymer in order to optimize shooting comfort. Indeed, this gives it the advantage of weighing only 611 grams, which offers optimal grip.

This semi-automatic weapon propels 4.5mm BB's steel balls at a power of 3 joules (i.e. a speed of 120m/s out of the muzzle) thanks to a 12 gram CO2 cartridge supply.


Use :

Before starting a shooting session with the PW-304, it will be necessary to follow a few steps to prepare for the use of the weapon.

First of all, it will be necessary to open the location area of ​​the CO2 cartridge, by simply pulling the stock backwards. It will then suffice to position the power sparclette in the window specially designed for this purpose. Using the knob located on the bottom of the stock, the shooter can easily prime the CO2 cartridge.

After this step, you will need to power the charger. It is removed from the butt thanks to the ejection button located on the left side of the latter. All that remains is to insert the 19 4.5mm balls that it can contain and replace it in the stock.

When the shooter's environment and shooting conditions are optimal, the shooter can remove the safety from their weapon and fire for a good session.


Security :

Like all weapons, the Borner PW-304 pistol has a safety. It is activated using the safety catch, positioned here on the right side of the replica. When this notch is positioned on the S, it tells us that the weapon is secure, on the contrary, the F position indicates that the weapon is ready to fire. This safety must be activated as soon as the weapon is no longer used to avoid any accident. Wearing goggles is strongly recommended to avoid any risk of projectile ricochet.

Sale prohibited to minors.


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